Santi Clo... La vaina de la Navidad

Santi Clo... La vaina de la Navidad

Nicholas, a young man with limited resources, decides to dress up as Santa Claus to make money during the Christmas holiday.

It is the story of Nicholas, a young man with limited resources who decides to dress up as Santa Claus to make money during the christmas holiday. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alain G (mx) wrote: De korte inhoud van deee film klopt niet! Dit is een horrorfilm, en niet onmiddellijk de beste, maar toch het bekijken waard. Heeft me toch weten te boeien... thuis, alleen, alle lichten uit en het groot scherm aan... shivers baby!!!

Douglas B (de) wrote: I think it deserved a better rating than it got: I suspect that many of the audience ratings come from people substantially younger than, say, 40. Great acting from Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga; just a simple orientation day at Middleton, where their kids might attend. Plumbs the depths of middle age angst (in a funny way, though) and some really heartfelt moments.

Andr D (es) wrote: Contina la historia de Ip Man, el entrenador de Bruce Lee encarnado por Donnie Yuen. En esta segunda parte Ip Man se enfrenta a un boxeador ingls para dejar en alto el espritu chino. No es tan grandiosa como la primera parte, pero las escenas de accin terminan envolviendo. Sammo Hung interpreta a un maestro de Kung Fu.

Martin C (fr) wrote: Ganska seg film och tmligen flummig.

Erin D (nl) wrote: a sweet and clever film.

Zoran S (au) wrote: Other than The Suspended Step of The Stork, this may be the most effective of Angelopoulos's "non-epic" films. I think it does an amazing job of melding personal psychology with national and historical concerns, which isn't something Angelopoulos always does well in his smaller films. This also has some of his best long-takes and, even on repeat viewing, I find it to be very moving.

andrew p (it) wrote: my faVorite movie of all time

Ibraheem M (ca) wrote: The most remarkable thing about this powerful courtroom drama is Daniel Day-Lewis acclaimed performance.

Alison S (de) wrote: Teen movies were so good back then. It seemed to end after John Hughes...Whenever I hear 'On the Radio' by Regina Spector, I instantly think of this movie. It played throughout the movie. A must-see!

Mister C (au) wrote: Groundbreaking as it was when it premiered in 1975,this was also very controversial. Set in the gritty streets of Harlem during the 1970's, this was crazy animation at the next level and this went way beyond Bakshi's previous works with a hint of Disney's "Song of the South" complete with stereotypes and all of the above. Complete with gangsters,drugs,and the mafia along with the rest of the crew. Could you believe that one of the biggest R&B singers of his day Barry White chose to do voicework for this? He did along with Scatman Crothers in this masterpiece of animation cimema.

Michael H (fr) wrote: A pretty damn good entry in the Gamera franchise. Famous for containing Gamera spinnning on a pole. This time Gamera must rescue 2 children from a distant planet. An alien race has nearly been wiped out, they send a probe to other planets in order to find signs of itellegent life and so, they come across earth. 2 human children, intending to discover a new star, board the probe and are sent back to the planet Terra where the last 2 surviving aliens intend to eat their brains and gain their knowledge. Gamera comes to their rescue and must battle with Guiron, the Terran's controlled guard. The design for Guiron is one of the best, with his blade-face and shuriken nostrils. All of the action takes place on the planet Terra, which is made up of some nice set pieces and entertaining fight scenes. Watching the dub, there were some parts which I was hoping was just poor translation as opposed to bad writing, for example, Gamera get shuriken embedded into his arms, the American kid shouts "A go go dance! Gamera's dancing" But overall, It's one of the best in the Showa series

Robert H (de) wrote: Not a perfect film in any respect, Christmas Evil is a welcomed adition to regular viewings come the holiday season. It mixes fantasy and the magic of Christmas with mental health issues and good old fashion slasher fun. The opening and closing of the film do have you wondering about the back story of this killer Kringle and one has to wonder, is he perhaps actually fullfilling the wishes of good old St. Nick? Then again, he's mostly portrayed as a mentally unstable individual who just happens to go over the deep end. But isn't that the magic of movies and Christmas... you just have to believe ;)

Andrew M (br) wrote: Date Night is action packed and funny. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey make the perfect romantic couple. This movie and plot are amazing. I would suggest this movie.

Yury D (kr) wrote: So, umm, basically, it's crap. Stupid scientists. Shallow ex-models. Really awful aliens. Even worse acting. If it actually had a plot that wasn't 100% predictable and dumb the horrible CGI aliens could be forgiven. Unfortunately, that's not so.