Santo contra el asesino de la T.V.

Santo contra el asesino de la T.V.


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Santo contra el asesino de la T.V. torrent reviews

Anthony H (us) wrote: this is a laugh riot

Oliver H (jp) wrote: Convincing DOGMA entry filled with heart-wrenching honesty... Touching. Sad. Provocative. Real. Unusual. :-0

Simon H (fr) wrote: It's that feeling of having been up for 3 days straight, like the world has all become a little odd. I can understand why there are negative reviews, this must be uncomfortable for somebody who hasn't had drug-related experiences. To those who have had such experiences the emotions communicated in this film are plucked from real life. It almost gives me a feeling of nostalgia about the chaos of my youth. I LOVED this film, though I might have liked to have seen a slightly thicker plot, more danger and more release, so I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.

Kyra J (au) wrote: Technically, given the plot line, I ought to have enjoyed this more than I did. . . .

Rick Q (kr) wrote: 'spanking the monkey" is one of the most uncomfortable, cringe worthy dark comedies i have ever seen. jeremy davies does a fantastic job playing an awkward sexually frustrated early 20 something, who returns home to take care of his sick mother while his dad is away "on business". if you have a sick sense of humor, like myself, there's a good chance you'll enjoy this film from writer/director david o. russel. but if certain topics, such as incest, are too much for you to handle, you might want to stay clear of "spanking the monkey".

August W (de) wrote: I Love David Goyers Work, but no. Just no.

Robert G (ca) wrote: Really good movie that's ambitious in its premise but it goes with it.There are some really funny lines in the movie just for the absurdity of the situation.I really recommend you watch it.

Ben D (au) wrote: A classic of erotic cinema, In the Realm of the Senses is less interesting than its reputation would suggest. It never quite hangs together, and in the 21st century pushes less boundaries than you might think. But still, as a historical document and evolution of eroticism in cinema, its importance cannot be overlooked.

Ella B (es) wrote: It is a kind of messy and unbalanced. The ending is intriguing though. And I'm certainly gonna watch it again, cause there are layers.

Matt K (nl) wrote: You people. You young people today! Destroy! Destroy! When are you going to find time to build?

Mark T (ca) wrote: I watched this movie at the Museum of fine arts in Houston TX on February 13th.Valentine day eve. I just wanted to watch some Japanese-related film.- Hiroshima I guess one of the theme of this movie is " Atomic Bomb and Hiroshima".At the begging of the movie, Man and women were talking about Hiroshima's devastation after A-bomb, having sex. Why they had to speak about Atomic Bomb during sex?Anyway, we will learn devastation of Hiroshima.- French womanThis women was from France. She wanted to make some film about A-bomb and Hiroshima. She loved with a Japanese. It was a strange love.She never smiled.She was sad,mad and depressed. Her boy friend was a Nazi and killed. It seemed that she was tortured after the war.she needed to overcome her tragedy.I hope Hiroshima's recovery gave her some hope.- Japanese manThis person lost his family by A-bomb.I still don't understand why he was able to speak French.This actor was Mr.Eiji Okada. He was one of the legend in Japanese movie industry 1950's. He took her to a Japanese restaurant. They couldn't enjoy cheerful and nice conversation.When they were dating, they were talking about her past relationships with the Nazi offices. But he is still chasing her.Okada's performance was expressive although I can't judge his French skills.- 1950's Hiroshima. I personally enjoyed Hiroshima in the 1950's. After A-bomb, many people believed that this city was dead.But Hiroshima recovered from A-bomb.People were ver cheerful.They enjoy dating, socializing and eating&drinking. I liked one scene. When the French women was sitting alone. One Japanese man spoke English to her and asking her to go out! Whenever japanese saw caucasians or white people, they instantly believe that the whites are Americans. What a bold guy he was! - Personally, I put three stars.This was not my favorite.Too much melancholic and sad stories. But many critics believe that this was one of the great movie in New Wave movement of French movie industry. if you have plenty of time, please find it on the internet.

Craig B (au) wrote: It's was OK. Worth watching. The last 1/4 got better. Rob Lowe did a fine job.

Link M (ru) wrote: no where near as bad as people say it is! very entertaining and enjoyable, but not as good as the first one.