Film starring Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Karisma Kapoor

Singhania entraps notorious smuggle and gangster named Dhaneshwar with the help of the police, thus giving rise to a saga of anger and revenge, that will engulf Singhania and his loved ones... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sapoot torrent reviews

Cathy M (ca) wrote: this was a good movie.

Bill B (ru) wrote: I'm ashamed to say that I had this one laying around forever until I finally gave it a spin for my traditional Halloween viewings, and it was actually a helluva lot of fun. It felt like Gothic horror mixed with equal parts adventure film, and I dug it.Rental!

Johnny T (us) wrote: The Spectacular Now is an adroit, sensitive film that avoids typical coming-of-age story trappings. There are scenes, moments, and dialogue in this film that ring so true that it all comes rushing back, a flood of memories and emotions and a little bit of pain. An unusually evasive piece of filmmaking - hard to pin down, but all the more worthwhile for its craftiness. The focus in James Ponsoldt's affecting, intelligent drama is a pair of teenagers, and in them is so much complexity and heart that this casually paced gem feels rich in scope. They're two of the most carefully created figures on screen, and yet their normalness takes us by surprise.Every time the film teeters on the precipice of a generic plot point it satisfyingly withdraws into more subtle and nuanced territory that ultimately coalesces in a final act that is sentimental without being sugary. This low-budget production is all about the performances, with Kyle Chandler turning up late in the piece as Sutter's father, Smashed's Mary Elizabeth Winstead as his slightly snobby sister and a cool supporting cast of appealing young 'uns. What you thought would be a generic high-school romance turns into an edgy character drama with dark, uncompromising undertones. James Ponsoldt's film, and its stars, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, continually take us in unexpected directions, giving the film an unexpected depth. It feels real, its emotions earned.VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Diego F V (ag) wrote: Esta es una pelcula pesada, densa y por momentos desesperante, sin embargo NO quiere decir que sea mala, psima. Al contrario, es un filme sensato, honesto y su director, Bela Tarr, a defendido a ultranza su posicin acerca de este tipo de filmes y de esta pelcula porque a su modo de ver, as es la vida muchas veces: plana, rutinaria, inspida. Muchos planos secuencia (en total, la pelcula est compuesta de solo 30 planos) poqusimos dilogos y una fotografa de 10. Es un filme que da mucho para pensar a nvel visual y personal. El argumento es mnimo, casi inexistente. *Se trata de una ancdota que le sucedo Nietzsche.*Es la ltima pelcula que har Bela Tarr.

nicole b (gb) wrote: i have been dying to see this movie, heard it was hillarious for a warped sense of humor

Jacob D (mx) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. I identify with it many levels. Truely amazing and inspirational in many ways. Opens your eyes to what may be reality in Colombia. The gay scenes are so realistic and the search for something a gay man may not even know. Love that evades many gay men.

Gregory S (ca) wrote: I've read the book, and it was good, but am I really the only one who just says "meh" at this movie

DJ H (kr) wrote: A great comedy for it's era. Long before Potty mouth humor became the rave! Well done!

Dustin H (au) wrote: I.. have no idea what i just watched..

Sam B (br) wrote: Even these two top league actors failed to support this film... so it imploded and crumbled... the end.

Matt M (es) wrote: Frank Capra's last film is not without charm, but is quite sluggish and too comfortably commercial to match the director's best works.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

krystal d (ca) wrote: Love any kind of movie that is too do with the Balkans

Mike V (it) wrote: Featuring a solid performance by Mirren and based on a true story, this film leads us along an intriguing journey of possession, loss, and legalities. While it does have a few flaws for a movie of this caliber, it is still both entertaining and informative.

Satayaa H (br) wrote: wow great movie in the world

Sums I (ag) wrote: Okay, it's T&A schlock, but at least its good schlock. It has a plot, some funny lines, great situations and is just all around fun. This was one of the first "naughty" movies I snuck a middle-of-the-night recording off HBO with the new family VCR (helps to be tech saavy, eh?) But hey, it was filmed locally... good excuse. But honestly this is one of the better movies in this genre, filled with hot women, likeable leads and acting you can actually watch and enjoy.