Set in World War II, the reverend Krishnendu runs a military hospital in Bankura. A drunken Anglo-Indian woman soldier is brought to him for treatment and he recognized her as his former love Rina Brown.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Saptapadi 1963 full movies, Saptapadi torrents movie

Its a love story with a twist set in Bengal in pre independent India (early 1940); the time when young Indian students were competing equally with British 'goras' in all fields whether it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul A (fr) wrote: This movie was awful, the ending was that bad it was hilarious, The creepiest thing about it was the pov views outside because you always wondered if slender man would pop up, the way he appeared and everything looked extremely cheap, poor film making it was all over the place, also an unrealistic amount of different cameras. Not worth watching even if you find the slender man creepypasta interesting, this movie was just pathetic.


murray g (mx) wrote: Love gangster type movies/based on true stories

Simone S (es) wrote: I very much liked this. I am totally into "Ghost" stories, this was pretty well done, surprised me actually. I very much enjoyed the Native American twist to it made a a little more interesting. I love all their believes and traditions. This was very entertaining and I'm very much looking forward for to come of these.

Dan M (us) wrote: so i pretty much rented this because of the cover art hah well all i can say is don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case a dvd. not even all the steamy sex scenes in this could save this disaster, boring boring boring..

Neil A (es) wrote: some great dialogue especially my Caine and Maggie Smith.felt very much still a play and a little too much New york quip, pithy come backs and upstart responses. still an enjoyable film

Johannes J (es) wrote: Frank Fry: "Kaaaaaaaaaaaaannnne....."

Susy H (mx) wrote: I didn't laugh once. Not a single character was likeable as a bunch of women took cocaine and destroyed the wedding dress of their supposed friend, whom plenty of the script was written at the expense of: we get it, Rebel Wilson is fat, is that a reason to resent her character's happiness? Rebel Wilson, the bride, WAS likeable, but I couldn't work out why she'd be friends with people who don't hide that they have no respect for her. One of the characters is obsessed with an abortion she had fifteen years ago and this is treated with reverence and as a taboo, rather than as something she should have got help with emotionally at some point, you know, in the fifteen years since and before the day of her friend's wedding. Date rape is encouraged by James Marsden's character, and strippers are referred to as 'skanks'.A predictably sappy ending makes proceedings even less believable and, frankly, I don't want these people to have a happy ending - they were that nasty that they didn't earn one. Really well acted, as we've come to expect from these leads, but it's a damn shame no one wrote a better film for them to star in.

Mad M (au) wrote: Decent, engaging thriller. The end is predictable.

Avinash V (it) wrote: Deep and Powerful.. a must must watch