1952 Indian Film

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Ella T (au) wrote: It was the best scooby doo movie ever

Luis A (it) wrote: Mindless silliness for those who want mindless silliness.

Gregory W (it) wrote: well done actioner about life during wartime-georgian style

Kyra B (ca) wrote: Underrated, and tons of fun, Stardust is the perfect definition of an entertaining, action-packed fairytale.

Santosh S (au) wrote: check out the fight scene at the baseball field.

Sweet G (nl) wrote: great movie about #Tolorence being misunderstood and giving students opportunity to things I learned a lot, cool music and the more you learn from others; you hopefully don't have to learn yourself the hard way.

Lincoln W (ca) wrote: Bale carries a weak film, which is not that magic

James K (nl) wrote: I saw it and thought it was great

AnnMarie O (ag) wrote: Kirikou and the Sorceress is a magical, enchanting animated film based on African mythology. Beautiful to look at, funny, wise and charming - it tells the story of little Kirikou's battle with a powerful sorceress who has placed a terrible curse on his village. The film was made by Michel Ocelot, a French film-maker who, having been raised in Guinea, is able to capture the grandeur and age-old mystique of Africa. I'm grateful to Michel Ocelot for this, noting Disney's glaring lack of animated films with African/ African-American leading characters (no, The Lion King doesn't count). Disney are not obliged to do this in anyway, but with its wonderful stories featuring heroes who are, for example, Native American, Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Indian and Hawaiian you just start wondering if they'll get around to it and why it's taking so long...UPDATE - Since this little rant, I've learnt that Disney has made 'The Princess and the Frog' featuring - guess what? a black lead character. They knew it was high time. I rest my case.

Private U (au) wrote: Hard to find but a great movie, I enjoy the bantering between these two actors. I enjoy Tom Selleck this is a classic movie.

James H (br) wrote: The acting is so incredibly bad, you can't focus on the movie. Very cheap production, the score is horrible. Badly written, very amateurish direction. Garbage.

Orlok W (br) wrote: A respectable entry in the annals of good Westerns--Routine but picturesque revenge Western!!

Vahni T (mx) wrote: Got 6 words for this movie Terrifying, Intense, Suspenseful, Nerve-Wracking, Tension Builder and Thriller.Buried captures all of them perfectly with great performance from Ryan Reynolds and a very different experience from which you ever had in your life.

David T (es) wrote: After almost 20 years Disney's ambitious musical comes here. The movie "Tangled" besides the well made story of Rapunzel and the funny moments. Has sth everyone has tried to do. An excellent musical movie. I think is a very well Disney movie.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Great series defamed by a remake-movie.The Sweeney was a great TV series in the 1970s. This is a very lacklustre 2012 movie which does absolutely no credit to the original series.I was hoping for a tight, gritty, realistic drama. Instead I got contrivances, and cliche after cliche. Hardly realistic at all, and often seems more like a vigilante movie than a cop drama. It sometimes felt like a Dirty Harry or Deathwish movie.Not all bad. Some of the action sequences were quite good, and some of the repartee was amusing.Performances are pretty wooden, as you would expect from a gung-ho police drama. Ray Winstone is...Ray Winstone. Always good to see Hayley Atwell...