Sara is the perfect young housewife. When husband Hessam requires an expensive emergency operation abroad, it is she who works for the funds. For the next three years she labors secretly to pay the shady loan shark and save Hessam - until the truth is revealed and with it, the reality of her marriage.

Sara is the perfect young housewife, eager to serve. When husband Hessam requires an expensive emergency operation abroad, it is she who get the funds. For the next three years, it is Sara,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (de) wrote: While it may feel unnecessary to those who've seen the Swedish original, Let Me In is made with care and affection for it's source material. Under lesser direction this could have been the disaster that most modern horror remakes turn out to be, but, thankfully the film succeeds in it's determination to retell this vampire fairy tale.

Saman K (de) wrote: My Iranian Posses Panahi and Kiorostami create one of the most fantastic character analysis flicks out there. Real, full on cultural insight and not to mention a prime example of documentary like directing. In fact, the lead actor (like many Panahi and Kiorostami films) is not an actor at all and in reality is a Paranoid Schitzophrenic.Watch it for that fact, if the concept is of no interest to you =).

Grant S (kr) wrote: Entertaining sci fi action-drama.Set in the future, a man, Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), is plagued by dreams that he is living an parallel life on Mars. (Mars has been colonised by Earth but is undergoing a civil war of sorts). Upon seeing an advert, he goes to Rekall Inc to take a virtual holiday on Mars through implanted memories in his brain. This sets off a chain of events, leading him to realise that he may have actually been on Mars before...Clever and well thought out central plot, based on a short story by Philip K Dick, writer of books and short stories on which movies such as Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Paycheck and The Adjustment Bureau have been based.Direction by Paul Verhoeven is uneven. Special effects and action sequences are great and most scenes are decently directed. However, some plot developments feel a bit clumsy and contrived. Not the smoothest, most seamless direction. With Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role, you know not expect too much in the acting stakes. However, despite having more dialogue than in the Terminator movies, Arnie does a reasonable job here. Hardly Brandoesque, but it'll do. Besides, he's there as an action hero and in the action scenes he does very well.Solid performances from the main supporting cast: Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin, Michael Ironside, Ronny Cox. Some of the secondary supporting performances feel a bit hammy though, especially Mel Johnson Jr as Benny and Michael Champion as Helm.Overall, good entertainment and far better than the 2012 remake.

Ingrid G (gb) wrote: Te mantiene entretenido desde el primer instante, y te cautiva logrando que no te importe que todas las escenas se den en un solo lugar. Logra que te mantengas interesado en la vida de cada personaje.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Manhattan Melodrama is amazing. If you can get past the first fifteen minutes or so, what saves this film is the three leads: William Powell, Clark Gable, and Myrna Loy. As a Myrna Loy/William Powell fan, I love the whole scene from their first meeting, as she flings herself into his taxi, and he thinks she is out to wreck his career by pretending he assaulted her! Clark Gable is great as the charming bad guy. I enjoyed everything about this film and it kept me interested from beginning to end.

Chris B (de) wrote: While not overly amorous or suspense-filled, it is a great underrated movie about a man coming to terms about who he has to be and who he wants to be. Great twist and justice for all at the end. Great work by Peter Facinelli who wrote and starred in the film.