Sophie Dorothea is a young woman forced into a loveless marriage with Prince George Louis of Hanover. George Louis is later crowned King George I of England. Despairing of ever experiencing true love, the depressed queen finds life at court no solace. Sophie then falls for a dashing Swedish soldier of fortune, Count Konigsmark.

A young woman marries Prince George but it's far from a love match. Then she falls for a Swedish Count. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mitchell C (es) wrote: I love this old style of comedy, and you can't even hate on Don Knotts

Giorgos V (nl) wrote: Ta idia opos kai to 2. Eidika i skinni sthn arxh opou trogetai ena kefali kai se liga deyterolepta "afodeyetai" exei poly gelio

Jeremy L (br) wrote: Actually an interesting science fiction horror film that makes you feel as if you are put in the protagonists shoes dealing with the mysteries of Eden Log. the look is great and the story is real good.

Patty D (it) wrote: I didn't like the film at first, because it wasn't what I expected. But the two main actors did such a god job I just fell in love with them, and finally understood the point of the film. For me it's always about the character development in films, and by the end you loved them so much that you don't really care what they do, you just hope the best for them.

laina b (nl) wrote: I think this movie is so cute because THis little boy does not like his mom going with santa claus . He thinks his mom is cheating on his dad but his dad is santa claus.

Tyshon S (kr) wrote: this my favorite hood movie i can watch this over and over and wont get tired of watching it.

Call i (ru) wrote: I did not find this movie very funny. It has some few moments, but only becayse of Natasha Richardson and Billy Bob Thorton. Charlize Theron was (like most of the time) so irritating in her role... Not a movie I wanna see again!

Jay M (kr) wrote: This franchise is how we should all question our every move

Josh W (es) wrote: Not what I expected. Starts out with modern kids transported into a 1950s a sitcom world, teasing the era, slowly morphs into a parable with some depth. Apart from a lull in act 3 (which I understand is probably deliberate to emphasize the uncertainty of the future, as I asked myself "how could this end?"), the effects visually and emotionally are surprisingly good.

David A (fr) wrote: Star-studded cast. Natalie Portman's character, Marty, was one of my favorites. She's just so expressive.

Janetta B (es) wrote: the first scary movie I watched wiht my mom.....great movie...

Bill T (ca) wrote: Linda Blair in reform school movie that's probably best known for that scene in the shower where she's rather rudely introduced to a toilet plunger. If you take THAT away, it's not bad, somewhat predictable, but it does have a few surprises up it's sleeve (like making her Dad a total asswipe).

Scott M (kr) wrote: Not one of the best comic book adaptations, although Garner gives an adequate performance in the titular role.