Wrongly imprisoned and seeking vengeance against his oppressors, a man must face-off against his own son.

Wrongly imprisoned and seeking vengeance against his oppressors, a man must face-off against his own son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna C (mx) wrote: This brave movie has really touched me and it has inspired me that it doesn't matter what you do if put your heart and soul anything is possible, and nothing in the world could stand your way. Bravo to the filmmakers! Your work will stand forever. It must be extremely hard to make a film then have it bashed by juvenile, illegal downloaders.

Buggy B (ru) wrote: A cute, bit of nothing romantic drama about two unlucky in love middle agers. Dustin Hoffman plays a new York jingle writer in London for his daughters wedding and Emma Thompson is a British government worker. This was so well acted that the beginning was actually painful to watch; both characters are uncomfortable and socially awkward, you really feel sorry for them. Manages to stay away from clichs and was a fun tour of London.11.13

Buck Z (es) wrote: Warren Miller with a plot. Great young cast in fun, action-packed action sports drama. The story is a bit underwhelming, but the movie exudes authenticity and heart-pumping excitement. Spectacular scenery and action.

Snejana S (jp) wrote: much more than I expected

Brandon W (br) wrote: You ever have that film where you see it in the video store many years ago but have no idea what the film is? Then that very same film shows up in a bargain bin and you pick it up just based on the description on the back? Well, probably not, but that's my background of this film. To my surprise, this film is one great suspenseful ride. I love films that have you guessing right from the very beginning but never to the extent where you are disinterested. What helps with that is the unique premise and great cast. Jodie Foster brings her daughter on a plane from Berlin to New York and falls asleep, but as she wakes up, she discovers that her daughter is missing and may have never even gone on the plane. This film plays with the "unreliable narrator" technique, where you don't know if the story that is unfolding is based on the reality of the passengers or the reality inside Jodie Foster's. The answer may shock you. The best way to find that answer is to watch the film. It's a hidden gem.

Cass (gb) wrote: Not what I was expecting but dark and different. It was quite confusing at first in a good way then in a long boring bad way then finally again in a decent way. Interesting take on celebrity and Ribisni is certainly talented at these psychological pieces. Worth a watch to see if you can figure it all out but don't expect to really be blown away.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: Great. not likely to be on dvd anytime soon. The film is nearly beyond explanation. I read that it was about the time in the womb when a part of the cell can either become the male sex organ or the female. I can kind of see that, but it is very subtle. Mostly this one is about a man climbing the chrysler building. It is filled with Masonic imagery. I will continue this later

E L (kr) wrote: A little uneven, but fantastic swordfights.

Cody S (gb) wrote: Whatever happened to Yahoo Serious?

Alex M (fr) wrote: A tad over the top at times, but still a very funny and charming movie to boot.

Bill M (jp) wrote: If a British film from the 40s is good, chances are Graham Greene wrote it.

Greg W (br) wrote: good historical drama d/k how accurate it is though

Kandis A (kr) wrote: Ok movie and ok plot. The plot isn't so far fetched nowadays because many men turn hoes into housewives!!! Check out all the Instagram hoes for inspiration!!!

Mariana M (gb) wrote: Great movie, I love Terrance Howard, He is a great actor. A great movie.