Sarong banggi

Sarong banggi


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Karrald G (fr) wrote: This was the saddest thing in the world ~~~

Faith D (nl) wrote: It was some sexist bullshit. Stalking is not romantic.

Lee T (gb) wrote: Oh dear.......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do one thing for me.......DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.I can not even be bothered to tell you why this movie is such a waste of anyone's time or money.Needless to say, I am now Haunted with the memories of watching this movie!

Thomas B (au) wrote: ***Escape Plan is a lot of fun with some good action scenes, and features the kind of performances you expect from the movies two leads. That being said, you can't help but feel the movie had the potential to be better than it eventually turned out.

Nick C (kr) wrote: good movie, not the best, but worth watching.

James M (ru) wrote: HOT people... and I love Thea Gill.

Kevin K (us) wrote: Horrible...... Just awful

Noell S (ca) wrote: This was a very sweet movie about fitting in vs. being yourself. The boy is a cute little weirdo and John Cusack does a good job.

Tasha D (nl) wrote: totalno istripovano...

Jason E (br) wrote: an enjoyable countryside tale - revealing both the early work of Penelope Cruz and also Chus Lampreave in a deranged *Almodovar* character, something she excels at in later years. I enjoyed this :)

Tony A (ag) wrote: if you havent seen it why not go and buy it now

Memo P (us) wrote: En pocas ocasiones una pelicula teatro/musical toca temas historicos con singular acierto, con actuaciones sobresalientes y con arreglos musicales que permiten al espectador deleitarse en cada momento. Se ve la mano del gran director de teatro Peter Brook que no lo hace mal ante la camara.

Jenna I (de) wrote: I love this play and it would have been pretty hard for them to really mess it up. My only criticism is I wish the acting hadn't been so stiff... Brando wins yet again (despite what he may lack in his vocal skill).

Ethan T (es) wrote: the originals are always better

TheSecond P (br) wrote: filmed in Moldavia an extreeemly low buget movie about a kind of a revolution,why do they even bother?

Tyler F (br) wrote: This movie sucked so bad.