Sars Wars

Sars Wars

The fourth generation of the virus SARS is found in Africa! It's more dangerous and causes the patients to transform into bloodthirsty zombies. The virus quickly lands to Thailand, Dr. Bryan Thompson who creates the anti-virus, ends up getting infected while doing his experiment and soon the virus is spreading to all the residents of his same building. At that time, Khun is trying to help a young girl who's being kidnapped in the building... He ends up trapped in the building with only his precious sword as a weapon. Surrounded by the zombies, he has to find the girl and escape from the building before the government drops a bomb to destroy the virus and the building.

The fourth generation of the virus SARS is found in Africa! It's more dangerous and causes the patients to transform into bloodthirsty zombies. The virus quickly lands to Thailand, Dr. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julie M (us) wrote: Seriously, this film is an outstanding representation of the tragic effect hatred towards gays in the military can have.

Bryan G (br) wrote: One has to imagine if writers/directors Rick Popko and Dan West come up with their movie titles before they actually come up with the stories that go along with them. Yesterday I reviewed Monsturd, a ludicrous but entertaining movie about a man made of feces who goes around killing people. If there ever were a film that I wouldn't imagine would get a sequel, it would be that one. But amazingly there is a sequel, though no Shit-Man in this film. Instead, we have a small group of special needs adults who are turned into flesh craving zombies. Retardead has got to be one of the most hilarious and offensive movie titles I have ever come across. While Monsturd was a silly title, it more or less delivered exactly what I was expecting from the film. Retardead on the other hand didn't meet my expectations. Sure, there are a bunch of special needs zombies in the film. But their infection quickly spreads to other non-special needs people, and Retardead quickly evolves into just another zombie flick. I suppose there is only so much you could do with a title like this, but I still feel that it was more of a gimmick and a way to catch people's attention. Still, Retardead is fun to watch. This time around Popko and West make their film into a grind-house flick, though I suspect that they were inspired by Tarantino and Rodriguez' Grindhouse rather than actual grind-house flicks. Retardead opens up with a couple of fake movie trailers which were funny, especially the one about Jack the Ripper and vampires, and even a dirtier version of one of those "Let's go to the lobby" ads that use to play before movies. I hate to say that these were the most enjoyable moments of Retardead, but they were. The humor through the rest of the film is hit or miss, and doesn't manage to create the same enjoyable absurdity that Monsturd did. I did like that Popko and West didn't try to make a serious movie this time around, and stuck with the weak special effects and terrible acting that I felt helped Monsturd be the fun movie that it is. But this time around, it just isn't as effective. In the end, Retardead is worth the curious viewing. It might not work as well for me as Monsturd did, but it still has its memorable moments. And the film closes out with one heck of a song that plays through the end credits. I'm hoping that there is a third film in this series, since they are decent guilty pleasures. But where does a series that featured a Shit-Man in one film, and a group of special needs zombies in the other film go to next?

Kevin K (it) wrote: In the opening scene, some "social justice" outfit is running a posh auction of "visionary art" to raise money for Jesse Jackson, Jr. It can only go downhill from that.

Steven R (gb) wrote: A Todd Solondz film. That's really all you need to know. There are some beautiful scenes on display here, but it is NOT for all tastes. There are some pretty uncomfortable, graphic scenes here. Several different actors play the main character, a 13 year old girl whose main goal in life is to become pregnant. Yeah. Ellen Barkin is amazing, though.

Fiercesnake T (br) wrote: A bit "B" gradish, which is a pity because Spacey comes through as always with a top-draw believable actor and the interaction between American and British movie-makers make for a complex, political and believable plot. Could have been much more successful, just didn't have the edge it could have. Still a good movie to watch for night-time TV.

Andr D (au) wrote: Willem Dafoe y Gregory Hines no paran de maldecir en esta cinta de accion que combina el genero belico con el genero policiaco. No es una gran pelicula, pero logra su cometido: entretener.

Dave N (ag) wrote: Unlike any film ever made. It's sort of the "neverending story" for kung-fu heads. Bruce Lee wrote a script about wisdom and left it in the hands of some weaklings. It's classic status relies on its singularity. It represents a genre that no one will ever discover.

Derek F (it) wrote: Thunderball ups the budget, improves on filming technology, adds interesting gadgets (like the jetpack), as well as more over-the-top humor. It shows SPECTRE at its most cruel and Bond at his most sly, entering and escaping a lot of dangerous situations. Unfortunately, the third act drags (with too much underwater combat) ; the climax and conclusion, working within formula, are standard as well. All things are considered, it's good classic Bond movie.

Rick V (ru) wrote: Two couples become stranded in the desert

Danette C (ca) wrote: this is the best book that I've ever read. i love how kyle become's nice to lyinda.

Danny M (us) wrote: Not a terrible movie, but not one which I would watch again. The whole movie is based upon a pursuit with the Vikings running for their lives.

Erik N (es) wrote: Absolutely phenomenal sound design and powerful use of metaphorical storytelling.