While Shekhar (Rajendra Kumar) falls in love with and weds Bela (Saroja Devi), the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Shekhar's sister elopes with a common thief whose family is planning to discredit her sibling. When an expensive necklace disappears, Bela's suspicions about her spouse put their union in jeopardy in this affecting film directed by T. Prakash Rao. The supporting cast includes Jayshree Gadkar and Shubha Khote.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

Shekhar lives a poor lifestyle along with his maternal uncle, Dharamdas; his aunt; a cousin, Sita - who is separated from her husband, Mahesh; and also has a sister, Gauri, who had eloped ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sasural torrent reviews

David N (kr) wrote: Film trs sympa dans l'ensemble. Le sujet et un peux pousser l'extrme mais bon ^^

TTT C (fr) wrote: (*** 1/2): Thumbs Up A gripping story that is also well-acted.

Jason K (it) wrote: a rewatch has affirmed its a must for indie film folk xx

Augustin C (fr) wrote: A less sophisticated, different kind of Hollywood turns out to be an ordinary, different kind of Paradise.

Arman P (ru) wrote: "May contain spoiler"What somebody might remember out of his life on the verge of dying. The protagonist wanders through the memories and reality, infused time and space. The memories might/might not be real. They are all colorful reconstruction of the past milestones: love, joy, child birth, ...., they are all something that the protagonist has missed or has neglected in his lifetime, and he makes them the way he wishes. He has also missed the relationship with the mankind, something he tries to reconstruct through his journey with a refuge Albanian kid. As if the director suggest a life style to be eternal while living a day (life). To live and sense the only events that may remain eternal in your mind.The pace of the movie is unessentially slow though.

Mike S (fr) wrote: I don't even care what Rotten Tomatoes says, this time. I've always liked this movie.

Yuri B (ru) wrote: Literally one of my most favorite films from my high school days... I would heavily recommend seeing this at least once.

Lewis E (mx) wrote: A Hood film set in Harlem where Q (Omar Epps) is a reluctant participant in a robbery organised by his 3 closest friends but they all suffer the consequences when it goes wrong. The group may be trying to avoid the handcuffs when growing up in the hood but they are all guilty of over-acting for most of the film, slightly improving towards the end. Also, the dialogue is less than creative. Even though it has its fair share of shootings, 'Juice' lacks the rawness and grit of 'Menace II Society' while not having the heart of 'Boyz n the Hood'. I would be lying though if I said I said it wasn't good. It is a very interesting turn of events subsequent to the robbery, the friendships are strained with each character experiencing significant and believable changes in personalities. A better cast could have improved the rating by a star, nonetheless they weren't terrible and I didn't mind Tupac & co in the latter stages. The most important part of a film is the story and in this case it had enough juice to carry it through.

Sean S (br) wrote: Classic take on the dark knight silver era lifted from the comics :)

I dont know w (au) wrote: Looks like one of the worst.

Juan V (es) wrote: Arguably the best exploitation film and Abel Ferrara film of all time, this dark, stylish rape/revenge thriller will blow you away thanks to the amazing performance by Zoe Tamerlis and the solid direction of Abel Ferrara.

Aj V (de) wrote: A good drama with a good cast, but ultimately it could have been better. It was one of many criminal past themed films at the time, so it wasn't too unique.

Nick B (au) wrote: Another fun whodunit populated with some great actors, acting.

CJ C (gb) wrote: One of my most fave VPs. Those bloody eyes scared the begeebies outta me as a kid.