Satellite Boy

Satellite Boy

When his grandfather's drive-in cinema and home in the outback town of Wyndham is threatened with demolition, a twelve-year-old Aboriginal boy must journey through Australia's bush country — equipped only with ancient survival skills — to stop the city developers.

Pete lives with his grandfather in an old abandoned outdoor cinema in the desert. When the old drive-in is threatened with demolition, ten year old Pete takes off to the city with his best ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (br) wrote: As much as I like Joelle Ferland and even though she's kind of a scream queen, nothing saved this movie from the epitome of crap. When she became a teenager, I guess she started acting in television films between this movie and one on Lifetime, the latter being much better. Every actor has to endure at least one shitty SyFy original film in their lifetime, some are better than others, most aren't. The whole plot was really stupid and had no monster, so no stupid CGI for the most part. Either way, the cause of the mess is kind of dumb and I guess this is like a sort of lesson on global warming. As a result if no monster, lower body count. Very low, very unusual for a SyFy film. Nothing wrong with that. Don't get used to it. Almost every other film is gonna have a monster with a huge body count. In general, the film is just bad. It's an original plot, but it's bad. Acting is fun. And a small hour and a half film felt dragged out, you know that's an issue.

Daniel G (ca) wrote: Caught this at the Newport film festival and really liked it. I don't get the Compuserve dig at the directing, felt that the whole thing was well done. Definitely a smaller indie but has the freshness which that affords. Smart dialog and solid acting all across the board.

thomas m (mx) wrote: Podgy points loose the attention but it does pretty well at getting it back .. Its a shame that in these bigger movies these days everything is telegraphed as coming all too obviously - it doesnt serve them well, at least here the premise of the movie isnt any cunning ploys, still ..

Duncan C (ca) wrote: Ramin Bahrani #2: Another look at the untold stories of immigrant life in New York City (this time focusing on a tough, industrious, yet still innocent in many ways, orphan boy working and living in an auto-repair shop), this gritty, hopeful and very humanist film is a big step up from Man Push Cart.

Barbora G (ru) wrote: Really liked the movie. Different from all the love stories, very sweet.

Zane S (it) wrote: This movie was good from start to finish. A few parts got to me a little but almost everything about this film was awesome.

Valeria P (ca) wrote: Sparse and poignant telling of a blood feud in 1910's Brazil. Great photography and solid acting.

Mike V (de) wrote: Bermuda Triangle movie that was typical B-rated movie. Not too bad but not good.

bill s (mx) wrote: Answers some questions but really disappoints way before the end.

Kurt J (ru) wrote: I love this movie. It got lost in a run of very successful films from the 1980's thanks to the Brat Pack and John Hughes, but it is well worth your time. One of Al Pacino's best acting performances.

Tim D (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this film and had me gripped throughout. I felt frustrated though as I'm sure if they'd made the film longer they could have put more information into it rather than squeeze it all into 90 minutes. Well worth a watch

Timm S (gb) wrote: Coulda Been Muuuch Better. I Don't Think Bale Really Nailed His Part, The Fight With Pistols Was DEF A Very Cool-Memorable Scene Tho. Ultimately It's Been Done Before (Matrix Trilogy) Much Better, But As An Offshoot It's Reasonably Good Orwellian Sci-Fi If Not Vaguely Entertaining

Kim B (de) wrote: Personally I have a very tough time believing convicted criminal stories of innocence and police brutality. I have been around long enough to not only have a loved one who I would never imagine commit crimes and go to jail, but I've also been victim to different crimes myself. I watch a lot of jail shows and movies and almost all the time criminals are either bad people or ppl who make bad choices. I remember watching Making A Murderer and being one of the few ppl thinking it was bullshit and sure enough researched it to find out much of the incriminating evidence was left out of the documentary. This movie though for once does give me a belief that in some rare cases criminals are treated unjustly and are innocent. Even after researching their case, I still believe that this was an injustice going against my own normally held beliefs that police normally do the right thing. The fact that this movie could convince me of their innocence and wrongdoing is reason alone to see this movie. Daniel Day Lewis is one of the best actors of our time and plays the lead character with precision. The story is gripping and edited well to showcase the main points. I was able to empathize for once about how horrible it is to be innocent And locked up, not just empathize with a victim. It made me believe that either case is equally as harrowing. This is a great film and hard look at Englands past justice system and any justice system with what they will do at times of war.

Minh V (au) wrote: Excellent Thriller. Pounding pace and very well acted. It's in the same vein of Taken but instead of a special trained protagonist, we have here an ordinary man but extremely desperate. And a man with no exit can be very dangerous. Great suspense.

Dax S (it) wrote: Nope, this one was my least favourite Rocky movie, it was just not what I wanted to see.

Kyle C (gb) wrote: I love Reese Witherspoon so I had to see this knowing that it could be really bad and although it wasn't spectacular, it was fun to sit through and it also had two hilarious scenes. This kinda reminded me of Killers and The Bounty Hunter, but it was much better than both of those although Killers wasn't all bad either. The chemistry between the 3 leads was good (especially the guys). Not the best of the year but RECOMMENDED for people that want to enjoy a 2 hour movie.

Devon W (mx) wrote: Great atmosphere, mood, camera work, acting, etc... everything but the story and silly ending. The creature was actually pretty good looking, it's just a shame they opted to use shitty CGI instead of some moody practical FX when showing it.