Satellite of Love

Satellite of Love

The story of a composer on a quest to understand the unrequited love he shares with his best friend's wife.

The story of a composer on a quest to understand the unrequited love he shares with his best friend's wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole L (nl) wrote: I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian but this movie made me seriously consider switching. I wanted to throw up my steak dinner after watching the documentary. I was not aware of the effects on the earth. I am considering doing this challenge, but I live with my parents -I'm 18- who love meat and will not change.

Joseph L (mx) wrote: The first hour of this movie is a pain to watch because it is slow moving, action-less, and just boring to watch. There really isn't any script going on in the movie, and the camera pans to places that doesn't have anything but trees (pretty much pointless). The only good part was the last 20 minutes, where action finally starts to happen, and a twist ending is revealed. Other than that, the movie is boring, slow paced along with pointless camera movements/focusing. Overall 2/5 stars.

Steve W (jp) wrote: A little bit spy thriller, but all class. A retired NIS agent turned private detective teams up with a former North Korean spy, both pretending to not know who is the other one used to be. They form a bond and must stop an assassin who is on the loose.Plenty of action and a good bromance makes for a good buddy thriller with a bit of comedy. The actors work well off each other and its a thrilling storyline about family and connection.

Tara H (us) wrote: This is quite a fun little movie, no masterpiece but a nice directorial debut from Madonna. Though set in present-day London, it seems to be inspired by her early years as a struggling artist in New York. Some funny moments and best of all, great music - there were a few points when Eugene Hutz philosophised to the camera which I found rather silly and pretentious, but overall it was very enjoyable. I particularly liked Holly Weston and Vicky McClure's characters, and it did remind me of a more insecure, but exciting stage of my own life. This is really for hardcore Madonna fans or people who have had similar experiences, while others will be merely puzzled by it - but despite the big-name director, it's essentially a smallscale, indie movie and on those terms it works quite well.

James B (ru) wrote: Damn this movie is violent! We're talking massive amount of cartoon blood here! If you like insane dinosaur fighting and ruthless axe hacking, this one is a blast!

Sydney S (us) wrote: My new favorite movie!! I love the tension between Jonah and Dakota. I also like how Dakota knows Jonah likes her and Jonah knows Dakota likes him. Maybe not right away, but later on.

Gregory M (jp) wrote: "It's not a Category 6 this time... this time it's a Category 7!!"God I love sequels. Still, had its entertainment value.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 (2004) Kontroll (In Hungary with English subtitles) THRILLER/ COMEDY/ DRAMA Unknown person gets killed by being pushed onto an ongoing railway assumes that it was an accident is nothing more than a backdrop to showcase a particular group of railway ticketers and their existing problems when people refuse to pay for their tolls and go in for free, who're also called Kontroll hence the name. Comedy was kind of dry and rather predictable, the drama doesn't tell a heck of alot which is supposed to be social commentary about another unglamourous low wage job and how they were coping with it is way to pretentious to be taken seriously. While I appreciate the realistic settings, I can't forgive the uncredbilty about the plot if there is one! 2 out of 4

dahlia k (it) wrote: this is such a sad movie in the end you understand that palestinians take soo much

Herman L (de) wrote: Die fliekie is seker eintlik gemiddeld, maar vir die onbekende akteurs, behalwe Slater, is dit eintlik heel kykbaar en glad nie oordoen of so nie. Mens kry amper die Duitse gevoel van "understatement". Dit is heel kykbaar op DVD. Saam met Bella op die bank, Feb 2009.

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Agustin gives 4 and 1/2 stars.

JeanBaptiste M (au) wrote: I wanted to see a movie about psychedelic experiences, and I saw a science fiction stuff with a man turning into an ape. Quite disappointing.

Poo B (ag) wrote: When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide, Where I stop and turnand I go for a ride, Till I get to the bottom and I see you AGAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!This was really good...its a TV movie bare in mind. Creative ways to make a famous story a little more thrilling, not that it needs that, but it was a good plus! I think that Linda girl was the one who wrote the book because she seemed a little too innocent but it was all well. And Faraday really played Charlie good, alot better than I could expect, and the end of the movie they were almost complete uncanny....It really felt like he was the real deal!

Andrew S (us) wrote: Clint Eastwood's third film as a director (and the first in which he did not star) is a sudsy soap opera of the highest caliber. Kay Lenz plays the title character, a 19 year-old hippie chick who is high on life; William Holden plays a cynical, middle-aged real estate agent with a nice pad in the Hollywood Hills. The two of them meet cute and fall in love, the collision of their two worlds carrying a broader set of cultural meanings for a society that was just beginning to move on from the 1960s. Like "Play Misty For Me" (Clint's directorial debut, also written by Jo Helms), "Breezy" seems to continue the strain of ambivalence toward the counterculture that began in "Coogan's Bluff": old-fashioned, professional, narcissistic males trying to wrap their heads and legs around the new sexual mores of the modern world. Indeed, if we were to identify a central theme that spans Eastwood's career it would be that of aging and the American male, and "Breezy" was one of his clearest and earliest essays on the topic -- thanks to a remarkably layered performance from Holden. It's a shame that Eastwood didn't start to get recognition as a director until the 1990s: his body of work from the 1970s (which also included "High Plains Drifter", "The Outlaw Josey Wales", "The Gauntlet", and [cough] "The Eiger Sanction") was as remarkable and as varied as any other director in that most golden of decades.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Jamesy Boy was excruciating to watch. Aside from, of course, a solid performance from James Woods, the movie suffers to many problems. The plot, story progression, and message are very familiar and we're apparently supposed to feel sympathetic for the main character, but we don't. Overall a waste of time.

Karen H (ag) wrote: 2015-04-24 so-so script, very well acted

Judith R (it) wrote: I laughed, I cried (mostly cried), and liked it in spite of the cheesy wig used on 'Chrissie' in the beginning scenes, ouch. I wish too that true Scottish dialect had been used, as well as Scottish locations (New Zealand, really?), and Scottish actors. It is a beautiful culture that deserves to be authentically portrayed. Go see it anyway, a moving, heartrending story (even though I wanted more details explained), and the camera work is stunning.