• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:time travel,  

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Satiricosissimo torrent reviews

Jenni T (br) wrote: An underwater earthquake cracks open a crater deep beneath the ocean's surface unleashing a prehistoric predator. On the sleepy island of White Sands, local teens drink and party beside a beach bonfire. One of them wanders off after a pretty girl and disappears, leaving only a severed hand behind.

Aodhan R (ca) wrote: Rush Hour 2 exceeds expectations of a sequel, which turns out to be a major action-packed hit! Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return as the humourous cop duo, Hong Kong Inspector Lee and L.A.P.D Detective Carter. The sequel takes the duo to Hong Kong, supposedly on vacation, until they find themselves in the midgst of an investigation, which begans with the murders of two American agents and a subsequent, immediate investigation, in which Lee and Carter attempt to solve a counterfieting scam. The villains are different, but similar to those of the original - underdevelopd, limited screen time, and you wonder throughout who the primary villains really are. The following also lacks any presence of recurring cast members or characters from the orignal, except Chan and Carter. I'm guessing the possibility of getting other cast members to return, would affect the scheduling of production and the deadline, and maybe a higher budget before release. Nevertheless, Rush Hour 2 is a massive improvement over it's predecessor - and it's clearly observant to the audience - which features more wit and humourous, loud mouth jokes from Tucker, as he walks around Hong Kong off duty, and fast-paced action from one of our favourite Kung Fu masters Jackie Chan, and the humour and the action is far superior than its predecessor - which almost seems like a more action-packed Die Hard sequel.

Susan P (gb) wrote: Ooo la la. The ridiculously sexy Victoria Abril takes up with itinerant dyke Josiane Balasko after getting fed up with her thoughtless philandering husband. The two women work well together, although the movie is worth watching just to hear Abril's laugh. Good grown-up fun.

Derek R (ru) wrote: Ties in great with the first movie in my opinion.

Amanda C (ag) wrote: If there is one thing that Indian filmmakers do better than anyone else in the world, it's incorporating music and song into a films narrative. While I love American musicals, Indian films manage to make the musical numbers natural and almost elevate them to the realm of realism. Mother India does a fantastic job with its song numbers which add emotional weight to a somewhat overly melodramatic plot. Nargis is fantastic in the lead role, filling the role with a dignity, strength and respect that is often missing in Hollywood films. The surrounding players don't carry the same weight that she does, but are none the less respectable. It's an epic and it more than lives up to the billing. Gorgeous colour that is used to its best advantage, creating striking compositions, highlighting in particular the wonderful costumes. While I find the end a little too over the top for me as well as the adult Birji, but that's more personal preference than a criticism of the film.

Ben M (ag) wrote: Poignant and beautiful erring on the side of panic.