Saturday Morning Mystery

Saturday Morning Mystery

A dark and bloody parody about a Scooby-Doo-like team of paranormal investigators and their devoted dog. With the crew nearing bankruptcy, they're hired to get to the bottom of a series of ...

Saturday Morning Mystery is a 2012 independent horror film. It tells the story of four ghost hunters and their canine companion are hired to investigate an old religious school plagued by rumors of Satanism and ritualistic murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lukas G (ru) wrote: Im going to keep this short and simple, not a masterpiece nor oscar buzz worthy but still was a fun movie to watch. The original Kickboxer movie in my opinion was a classic and one of Van Damme s best, but having Van Damme return as the mentor is probably the best parts of this reboot. Its still worth a try.

Zohoo W (kr) wrote: I am actually watching it again .... right now .... At this guys age yet his precision, timely delivery, punchlines, audience participation (audience laughs almost every 5-10 secs ....through out the entire session), intelligent utterance, calm voice yet NOT BORING ONE BIT. I came in expecting to doze off .... OMG was I wrong I said I'm watching it the second time .. and I am 29 ..had no idea his material could appeal to me

jason m (br) wrote: Probably not since Boyz in the Hood has such an honest portrayal of inner city "street life" been executed. This is what it looks like. Its gritty and gutter but at the same time bleak and empty. Its not sexy and it doesn't playcate to the audience, its raw and uncut. The characters aren't attractive by any means but honesty is what delivers. I've seen a million "hood documentaries" and ghetto crime dramas that offered little purpose, clarity, or resolve, but Snow on the Bluff is a story that delivers on that level. Its seems as though most mature viewers wont be highly impressed with drug usage, car chases, shootouts and violence but the perspective of it all is what makes this a diamond in the rough. Just when the viewer is ready to dismiss this movie as forgettable, something special but almost indescribable occurs. At some point the main characters, scenes and sequences become more or less than low life ghetto thug filth. Eventually the movie turns towards an inescapable feeling of bleakness and hopelessness which puts everything into focus. Snow on the Bluff left a bitter taste in my mouth about the harsh reality of what is. With well placed scenes and direction character Snow gradually turns from an inarguably unlikable character to someone who's situation we learn to sympathize with.

Ajeesh V (jp) wrote: Sheesh!!!! Ive wasted my 2 hours watching this movie.. We can only watch this movie for songs.. But the movie failed to impress.. Neil nitin mukesh's acting is below average.But bips done her job very well.There's no life in the movie..Very much disappointing..

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (ru) wrote: well, i miss Eddie Murphy in this movie...but it'll do...

Terri H (ca) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Frances H (fr) wrote: Visually lush and stunning, but the story itself seems rather ludicrous and ridiculous at times, in some spots almost comically so. The acting on the part of Javier Bardem was good, but the rest of the cast were not very convincing. Also not very believable was the makeup to make Fermina seem to be 70--her skin and neck were too firm for decades before face lifts. Although interesting enough to bear one viewing, the film was not very absorbing. The dialogue had occasional flashes of brilliance, which must be attributable to the book, which I have never read, but have heard was very good.

Miss Jadeington (fr) wrote: I love this's an amazing romantic dramedy!

Alberto V (jp) wrote: algo lenta a ratos...Zooey lo mejorsh o.o

Paul M (au) wrote: Fincher puts on a very gripping display.

Andrew H (de) wrote: It was pretty funny at times. It's very predictable know what happens at the end about 10 minutes into the movie.

tonya w (kr) wrote: I love this movie it really shows how a black man had to do what he had to do for his family ever after he went to war for his country.

Sash M (it) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the book but still watchable

Kashif R (au) wrote: the movie which i really can never forget. One of the most heart touching movie I have ever seen. Saw it when I was 10 since then me and my sis are looking fro it but we haven't found it if anyone knows where to get it from plz do tell me. cheers!

Hobie P (it) wrote: Melissa Sue Anderson makes this slasher well deserving for a watch by anybody!! And its defo in the top 5 slasher list.

Thomas S (kr) wrote: This is a spaghetti western, revenge movie directed by Sergio Corbucci (director of the original Django, among other classic spaghetti westerns). Navajo Joe is thoroughly entertaining, it's about a group of cowboy's who cut off Indians Scalps for money, but they cut off the wife of a deadly Indian who is out for revenge. This film has some great moments in an some really dramatic ones. My only problem is that the really dramatic moments don't seem to be perfected fully, however, they are still pulled off okay and this is still a great film.

David F (ca) wrote: Stale and plodding adaptation of Thackeray's "Vanity Fair" does not fare well in spite of a strong cast (Nigel Bruce comes off best as - well, Nigel Bruce) . The script is a little too florid and overwrought, and one gets the feeling it struck audiences as too old-fashioned even in 1935, as it spins yet another seemingly cautionary tale of a scheming adventuress (Hopkins, playing to the back rows) who weathers several come-uppances in the Scarlett O' Hara vein. Oh, the scandalous behavior of that hussy! Groan. Of course, the film is really only known nowadays as a technical curiosity, being the first to be shot in 3 color technicolor. But sadly the color serves only to highlight the fancy costumes and interiors and underscores the enormous demands the Technicolor process makes on sufficient lighting - there are almost no outdoor scenes at all.

Leon B (ca) wrote: Review:I'm really not sure what the moral behind this story was! It's about a lady called Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes), who lives the perfect life as a substitute teacher at an elementary school and spends most of her time caring for her garden. When she is out of "perfect neighbour" mode, she battles against the criminals in her town, with her gun in her pocket book and a vigilante attitude. She then falls for the local sheriff who tries to dig deeper into Meadows shady past but he keeps on getting shut down. Whilst investigating the mysterious murders in his town, he realises that all of the evidence is pointing to his, now pregnant loved one so he seeks for the truth while they are planning there wedding. With more criminals moving into her neighbourhood, Miss Meadows still seeks for justice but she eventually meets her match which puts her life in danger. The storyline was a bit weird and to be honest, I just found the whole thing annoying after a while. The main character, Miss Meadows, was the most annoying thing about the film and the far fetched plot just made things worse. Her constant one liners like too-da-loo, we're also annoying after a while and I didn't know if to laugh or to take the movie seriously. From an entertainment point of view, it was a big let down but you can't fault it for originality. The performances were more weird than good and I'm struggling to understand what the director was trying to achieve with this project. Weird and not that great!Round-Up:Katie Holmes, 36, is mostly known for her marriage to Tom Cruise, than her actual acting. After filing for divorce in 2012, she has only had brief appearances in Woman In Gold and the Giver and this film really didn't do well at the box office. Before that, she had a promising career after starring in Batman Begins, Phone Booth and the awful Jack and Jill but everything went downhill after her marriage failed. She has a major role in the Kennedy TV series, which seems to be quite popular so there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the first major movie from, writer and director Karen Leigh Hopkins and I personally think that you can tell. The script was sketchy and the whole project just wasn't put together that well.Budget: $3millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers about a woman who is a school teacher by day and a vigilante killer whose seeking for justice on the side. 2/10

Jukka H (it) wrote: David Ayer seems to have dedicated his entire career on proving that LA police are much worse than the criminals they attempt to catch. Well made and very violent at times, this is nonetheless no match for Training Day.