Saturday Night

Saturday Night

With unprecedented access to the behind the scenes process of the writers, actors and producers, Franco and his crew document what it takes to create one full episode of Saturday Night Live.

With unprecedented access to the behind the scenes process of the writers, actors and producers, Franco and his crew document what it takes to create one full episode of Saturday Night Live. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy C (nl) wrote: Very bad film. It isn't scary film.GRADE:D

Cookee C (ca) wrote: I'm awed that Alessandro Nivola has a rock star side of him aside from his clean british accent. Hands down to Abegail Breslin. Good love story. :)

Cedric H (br) wrote: This lady was really dumb but in the end she figured it out

Adam W (es) wrote: its hard to say whether i preferred this over 'Exam', but i think it narrowly supersedes it. the pacing is great, the tension is high, and the feeling of dread stays pretty strong throughout. the mind game is also pretty fun to solve too, and ends up having an eerie sense of plausibility to it (the plot being heavily inspired by old illegal MKULTRA experiments in the US.) definitely give it a watch if you are into close-room thrillers (eg. Exam, Saw 1, Cube, 9 Dead etc)

Mark A (mx) wrote: Really enjoyed this good humour and its typically british. The acting was good and i liked the idea and the way they planned it.

Sami V (it) wrote: OMG, what a piece of crap!!!Is this supposed to be THE Modesty Blaise I've been reading from comic books...?!? No way, hose. VERY lame version of her.... if any.Movie is just little over one hour long and STILL too damn LONG! Acting sucks. There's hardly any action. Plot is crap. Modesty's story has been totally raped. And even Modesty doesn't look hot, like she should... at least. And where's Willie Garvin??? Not here, I can tell you that much. Aaaargggh. Total waste of my valuable time.I don't even wanna know what's Tarantino's relationship with this "movie".....

Al M (de) wrote: While nowhere near as visceral, entertaining, or original as its predecessor, Candman 2 rolls out the same old stuff from the first film, but it has the wisdom to reset the film to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, a period of time fraught with dark overtones of sin, and it features more depiction of Candyman's backstory.

Hayden G (gb) wrote: Tom Atkins is the man.

Brett B (gb) wrote: Very solid movie overall with a definite 80's feel to it. Keaton had a strong likable character, but nothing overall too complex or stellar.

Justin W (ru) wrote: ever wanna see the bald dude from the king and i as a hitman? then you'll probably enjoy this film. it's an alright movie...basically just a mob flick. it's nothing special, but still, it is pretty entertaining seeing yul brynner kill.

Jeffrey M (jp) wrote: Hearts and Minds is a powerful indictment against the Vietnam War. The editing, though often manipulative, seamlessly weaves actual footage with interviews, giving the film a firm narrative and definite political stance. It(TM)s not objective, but it(TM)s certainly persuasive and leaves an impression on you, even almost 40 years after the release of the film and the senseless war.

Andrew K (us) wrote: It is cheesy and the storytelling adopts a spontaneous approach, and it's hilarious how there's almost not a single actor who speaks decent English, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that the action is not up to the standards of most foreign martial arts movies, but even with all these problems, Bloodsport is entertaining for all the right and wrong reasons.

John A (us) wrote: This made for tv movie, is a terrible trashy creature feature thats just plain bad & doesn't reach laughably bad. Although the concept is ridiculous but interesting the film itself misses the whole concept of the b-movie genre, & that is it can be bad but not boring.

Meredith W (ru) wrote: There is always an added interest to true stories, but the details of Paul Pott's rise from bullied opera-loving shop assistant to winner of Britain's Got Talent mean that this is guaranteed to be a heartwarming, feel-good film.