Two childhood friends have become bitter enemies. So much so, in fact, that they have divided their territories and sworn to kill anyone who crosses the boundary. Against this backdrop, their grandchildren fall in love and when their romance surfaces, the rivalry between is rekindled. The two young lovers are told never to see each other again, on pain of death ... when they get together, it's too late for their grand family ..

Two close childhood friends, Veeru Singh and Rajeshwar Singh, become bitter enemies over misunderstandings created by Chuniya. So much so that they have divided their territories and will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (fr) wrote: This independent science fiction drama has a lot of originality going for itself; got an excellent script and good performance by the leads, keep you hooked on right till the end with its lingering suspense and a feeling of tragedy. For a low budget movie they had to make it work without special effects and the approach they took by focusing on the people and their emotions worked out well. Would say it's more a drama than a sci-fi.

Francisco S (ca) wrote: A lot of cliches, nothing that people hadn't see before, but with good screenplay, good story, good suspense and scares. Advisable only if is the first terror film that one person will see.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: Watson is good, but this film is a joke.

Leigh R (ag) wrote: Totally cute. Kind of weird when Zooey, known for her quirky roles, was the normal one in this. I thought it was funny and dark. Very offbeat but loveable.

Johnny T (kr) wrote: Underneath all that expelled air, it's really just a simple tale of a boy finding his talent and making the most of it. A well-made, quirky oddity for adults, but a laugh riot for kids and Beano nostalgists. A similarly starry adult cast is also on hand to help with proceedings. Stephen Fry, Simon Callow, Celia Imrie and Ned Beatty all seem to relish their larger-than-life characters, who could have been cut from the pages of The Beano or The Dandy. In short, Thunderpants is defiantly lowbrow, but nonetheless enjoyable for it. Its appeal to younger children is guaranteed, but it will also raise a smile from anyone with fond memories of Beano comics. Worth watching. VERDICT: "Matine" - (Mixed reaction). These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says to pay matine prices to see at a theatre, buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own.

The Movie G (us) wrote: Much More gross humor Han the original, but it still is funny

Jeff H (kr) wrote: Kids flick, I know. My niece and nephew LOVE this movie and if you're going to do a kid's comedy about a dog who plays soccer, then this is about as good as it gets. A lot of humor for adults, too; I really dug the spoof on Ransom - "GIVE ME BACK MY DOG!!!"

Private U (es) wrote: inspring and captivating.

MF J (mx) wrote: Opening with the biggest & best one shot sequence i have ever seen in a film, this awesome thriller is very nervous, tensed & brilliantly directed as always by Mister DePalma. Maybe his last really great film until he fell into disgrace from the Hollywood circles.

Matt M (us) wrote: A drama about a young woman who was raped in unusual circumstances. An odd, unfocused and unbalanced drama that goes from being plain strange to conventionally patronising.

Gabe C (us) wrote: Very rich story, very rich characters

Edison H (kr) wrote: Bastante mediocre en la direccion aunq excelentes canciones y coreografias.

Private U (ca) wrote: Why did Spielberg feel the need to remake this. Spielberg essentially made a more polished, and more violent version of this film. Many scenes were identical to the original.

Alexander P (it) wrote: Possibly better than the first and has aged a lot better, some really funny parts and the gang really brings a funnier tone to the film. A really good laugh

Sneaky P (nl) wrote: Karen Allen in the altogether. [sigh] Woof! Good storyline, too, if a bit maudlin.

Kel W (ca) wrote: Actually, it originally aired on NBC on Oct. 31, 1978, not in Dec. Based on the book, "Summer of Fear", by Lois Duncan (who also authored "I Know What You Did Last Summer"). BTW, the movie has nothing to do with demons, despite what the description says.

Ben L (es) wrote: Hilarious and something I'd recommend, however, you need an acquired taste of comedy to enjoy the film :)

Noemi U (br) wrote: Bueno Yane!!! Camilo!! Obviamente la termine! Ahora a buscar un vuelo!! Lol

Pavan R (kr) wrote: Was fairly interesting but somehow didn't feel like a complete story....ok watch