Story of love and war

Rivalry between families where Ganga takes an oath that she will make her son marry Sarang's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saugandh torrent reviews

Rob M (us) wrote: A strange kind of horror movie. There's potential here. Story was lacking a bit though. Lots of cursing but it's kind of funny because it comes from an old lady. Check out this independent horror film.

Dan C (br) wrote: A French government minister and his wife live in a Parisian mansion opulent beyond comprehension. European homes like the one used for the film have barely ever been seen in movies. They don't look like ersatz Trump fat wallet laughatoriums. They've raised a daughter who has somehow, despite that she would have gone to an ultra exclusive school and played with the children of other aristocrats since toddlerhood, emerged as a college age slob with very serious mental illness. Her parents haven't noticed, and she's never seen a psychiatrist. Are you believing this story so far? She's obsessed with Christianity in such a possibly schizophrenic manner she believes that Jesus has on multiple occasions "ravished" her and she misses Him terribly when he's not filling her with love. She's in deep pain about this missing Jesus when he doesn't visit and checks into a nunnery hoping to find a religious experience that will help her distress. But the senior sisters realize she's a narcissist, call her out on it to her face, and send her home. Now here's where the picture really launches on a voyage to Mars. Hanging around mom and dad's palace with her dog, she begins to walk around the city, and lets herself get picked up by some nice young Arab kids, poor guys from the projects. Before you know it, she's being indoctrinated into radical Islam. Hang on here: she listens to a few lessons about Allah killing the infidels, visits the site of a terror bombing to see how cool it is, and mixes this into her Christ-sex fantasy and declares that she is ready to be a suicide bomber for Jesus. That's right. She's really nuts. Cut to car bomb going off at the Arc de Triomphe. Cut to that nunnery. She's back! Oh man, that suicide bomber business didn't work out so well for her emotional condition. And then the cops show up! You knew that was going to happen, right? And then, this French filmmaker is such a no talent loser that he has her try to kill herself and be stopped by a guy who looks like Jesus. And the movie ends with a Pieta shot. Mon dieu! I'll have a double pastis.

Marilee A (gb) wrote: He even looked like Truman Capote, uncanny

Ruan J (gb) wrote: Good blast from the pat. I'm a big Jim Belushi fan.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: As unbelievable as it may seem, it is true: during his Dutch period, Verhoeven had the abilities and the tools to conceive celluloid contributions of the highest class, and Soldaat van Oranje is unarguably his masterpiece. It's a fruitful achievement, an insightful look to the desires, wishes, angsts and ambitions of the intellectual youth during the whole WWII stages and the irreversible turn events take throughout without previous notice: enmities, ironies, friendships, betrayals and forced conditions of action. It does not quite reach the unsurpassed espionage level of Melville or the self-destructive and introspective mastery of a Zulawski, but it's certainly among the greatest European war-related films of the 70s. 99/100

Jeremy R (br) wrote: Ridiculous old B movie.

David O (br) wrote: My favourite of the road to... series, bob & bing had really honed their act to perfection by this point - an absolutely perfect comedy

Nina S (kr) wrote: This MGM musical should have been as delightful as the RKO musicals of Fred Astaire, given the coherent plot, Porter score, superb dancing of Eleanor Powell, and the good performance by Frank Morgan. So why wasn't it? Perhaps it was the lackluster score, or George Murphy's lack of charisma. The finale made it worthwhile, however.

Henrysmovieguide C (au) wrote: While I did not enjoy this movie as much as everyone else, I still thought it showed effort and as pretty good, even if the seams showed a bit. Fun overall.

jen b (nl) wrote: uhhhhh can i pretend like i didnt watch this