Savage Nights

Savage Nights

Jean is young, gay, and promiscuous. Only after he meets one or two women, including Laura does he come to realize his bisexuality. Jean has to overcome a personal crisis and a tough choice between Laura and his male lover Samy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:126 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:French,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   racism,   gay,  

Jean is young, gay, and promiscuous. Only after he meets one or two women, including Laura does he come to realize his bisexuality. Jean has to overcome a personal crisis (he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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familiar s (gb) wrote: While the destination, as expected, wasn't satisfying enough, the journey was worthwhile. Given its runtime, I was quite hesitant to watch it, but thankfully it paid off well enough. My use of fast forward button was relatively less in this 160+ minutes flick. Not the edge-of-the-seat or 'keeps you guessing' kind of thriller, but kept me engaged more than less.

Stan T (us) wrote: Just loved the was this movie was done as far as the EFX was added to the movies cinematography, very similar to The Warrior's Way.

Karrald G (jp) wrote: Still my 2nd favorite musical and 5th favorite love story.

Tim M (br) wrote: An Indian movie that's less than two hours long, with no dance numbers? The dated visual clarity grows on the viewer as Deshu works his way up the ranks to become the leader. Based on real life gangster Dawood Ibrahim, like Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

Mitch D (jp) wrote: Funny; definitely worth watching- maybe even two times!

Robert G (fr) wrote: I happened to catch this one day on LOGO and was blown away. This movie had it's moments where I really wanted to pause it and think. The discussion of how superficial the gay community can be is true, but is that a good reason to leave it? I would recommend this to all my friends, gay or straight.

Paul D (es) wrote: A black man becomes President... how silly! The comedy is low-brow and not too funny.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Mock documentary on two metalheads lacking direction. Certainly has its moments, such as the dynamic with old friend 'Tron', and these are characters that you can probably relate to. Seemed to go a bit off track with the cancer subplot and the untimely death of the producer/director. Memorable for its unofficial endorsement of Old Style Pilsner beer.

Angela C (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this film, another cult classic that a few people who like and acknowledge different, as well as the art factor, and costumes in this film.

James M (kr) wrote: A rather average gangster movie which attempts to come off as a modern spin on Robin Hood. I found it all quite unremarkable except for a cold-blooded performance from Christopher Walken.

Jonas C (us) wrote: No words are enough for this absolutely grotesc and funny movie

Corey B (gb) wrote: Only the 80s had good teen movies, yeah the 90s had a few but still pales in comparison. I mean the 80s had Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy, John & Joan Cusack, Michael Anthony Hall, Emilo Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Robert Downey Jr, I can go on and on, what other generation had that many teen stars. They all played together tons of times and it always worked. This one was no different.

Alailson B (nl) wrote: Belas atuaes e um roteiro honesto e extremamente engraado.

Aaron K (ca) wrote: So bad it's kind of funny... at times...

Oliver E (ag) wrote: My new favorite Western.

James L (gb) wrote: Lots of non stop action and an improved level of cinematography , compared to part 1

Margarita S (ru) wrote: What this film lacks by way of polish, it makes up for in theme and script. A very interesting and still highly relevant movie that comments on race relations (black-white) in America. I loved how thought-provoking and idea rich it is. Days later, I'm still thinking about how it ended.