Save Me

Save Me

An accountant (Hamlin) beleaguered by personal and professional problems gets involved with a femme fatale (Anthony) and her mysterious psychiatrist (Ironside).

An accountant (Hamlin) beleaguered by personal and professional problems gets involved with a femme fatale (Anthony) and her mysterious psychiatrist (Ironside). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen H (fr) wrote: 2015-07-29 started watching and realized we'd seen it before - recognized the Megadeal thing, and knew Granny was going to be speared by an icicle.

Takee A (nl) wrote: The first time I saw this movie when I was 7, I was scared to death. But after watching it a few more times of watching it as I grew older, I started to like this movie, transforming it from a horrible movie to a really good movie.

Luca B (fr) wrote: Commedia grottesca, surreale e politicamente scorretta ambientata in una Francia che somiglia molto a quella di "Gi al Nord". Anche qui ci si diverte di gusto ma sui temi socio-economici che vengono toccati c' (C) poco da ridere.

Geo T (de) wrote: Precious is a great movie that bases itself in emotion and character building. Along with a great powerful touching story add to that the great performances from all the actors/ actresses that all add up to a make it a great film.

Julie C (ca) wrote: Too strange for me. Not a lot of comedy. Val Kilmer was not nearly as funny or outstanding as he could of been, it was almost like he sat on the sidelines in this movie.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: Not nearly enough in this film to even remotely hint that Pacino was the killer, so why the ambiguous ending? I didn't even understand that that was supposed to be a thing, when I watched it...

Paul C (br) wrote: Very average revenge western- elevated by the quirkiness of Strother Martin and the gorgeousness that is Raquel Welch! It does leave some unanswered questions though - like who is the mysterious man in black?

Mark V (kr) wrote: The opening sequences in the rain are superb and set the mood perfectly for this prison film noir. The most underrated aspect of this film is the great score by Miklos Rozsa. This and "I was a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" are probably the two most influential prison movies, and for good reason. Lancaster was at his best and a much better prisoner than in "Birdman from Alcatraz," although he pales in comparison to Paul Muni. Hume Cronyn as the weasily but ruthless guard was an almost perfect personification of evil. Put a black and red armband on him and you have the archtypical gestapo agent. I saw the Criterion Collection edition and the remastering was wonderful. The only weaknesses I found were the flashbacks to how the main charcaters ended up in prison. These scenes broke the continuity for me and could have been replaced with a few good lines of dialogue. But overall, a great film!

David S (de) wrote: One of the Labeouf films I dug. Shia is far from one of my favorite actors and there's only a handful of films he is in I actually like ( Lawless, Fury, etc). I will say, he gives his everything no matter how good or bad a script is. It wasn't bad, but certainly not that good.

Kyle K (br) wrote: I am working on the prequel, "First Action Hero", where Arnold kills baby in real life and in the movies.

Anna C (fr) wrote: Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn are professional and the two young leading are interesting, but the story doesn't stand on , it gets more and more complicated until it becomes totally absurd. A missed chance.

Michele C (au) wrote: It's good, but it doesn't seem like a masterpiece to me...