Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer abducts the morally wayward. Once captured, they must face impossible choices in a horrific game of survival. The victims must fight to win their lives back, or die trying...

When a sadistic madman tries to teach how much life is worth, Adam and Dr. Gordon find themselves in a room with no idea how they got there or why they're there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reece L (nl) wrote: Less derivative of Felini's La Dolce Vita than a deliberate homage to it, The Great Beauty similarly focuses on the existential problems associated with the wealthy in addition to offering several insights into the nature of modern Italian culture as opposed to its previous incarnations. Yes, this is largely a retread, but to write this off as superficial nonsense would, in fact, be superficial nonsense; there are moments of honesty here to supplement the gorgeous visuals, and for every simplistic indictment of plastic surgery or mildly misogynistic portrayal of a woman there's a wonderful scene involving nostalgia or a brilliant take-down of pretentious pseudo-intellectuals (this is ironic, however, given the film's pretty portentous structure). Sorrentino really swings for the fences here, and while he didn't end up with the masterpiece he wanted, it's still a largely compelling, fitfully brilliant piece of work.

David F (es) wrote: What a truly awful movie. Perhaps because it's foreign and arthouse, I'm supposed to forgive the fact that it doesn't really have anything to do with gangsters in London. Yes, there are a few gangster scenes, but the majority of the "action" is only loosely related. Personally I found the whole thing boring and disconnected. (And yes, I did guess the main idea way before the end, but it just seemed so pointless.)

familiar s (gb) wrote: Had great expectations which were left far from being fulfilled. Could have been way better.

raj k (mx) wrote: it is a good movie,dialoge is excelent

Drew K (de) wrote: very moving. especially for all of us with daddy issues.

Writx R (kr) wrote: i love the trailer and now i reeally want to see the reall movie

Michael S (br) wrote: I liked this more than I expected though I guess it couldn't have been that bad coming from Robert Altman. I had no idea this was sort of the basis for Downton Abbey so now I feel a stronger urge to start that series. Like most Altman films it's beautifully made and staggeringly casted, watch it if you like costume drama's or murder mysteries!

Rylan P (us) wrote: It's not bad... more action and a better developed script and it would have been awesome. Highlight seeing the band "The Misfits' appearing as them self's.

Robert I (it) wrote: Better than people gave it credit for. Pretty good action flick.

Nicole P (nl) wrote: this movie suxed. ireally hated the falshbacks every two seconds.

The Master o (kr) wrote: WAIT...J.J Abrams wrote this...IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Ryan D (ag) wrote: Strong performances all-round. I had little sympathy for many of the central characters. They lounge around in luxury moaning about the injustices of life. I felt the prospective affair between Martin and his Father's mistress was the highlight of the film. Good film.

Michael M (mx) wrote: this is the best werewolf movie I've ever watched and the

Bryan M (gb) wrote: excellent script about violent criminals & the cops who chase them from LA to Arkansas. it's a story of clashing dynamics & unique characters. good script, good acting, rookie director, dumb title.

Kimberly Kimmy C (us) wrote: Pretty good movie in that weird dream kinda way. You have to see this from the begining and watch it all the way threw to get it. I liked it!!

Guido S (de) wrote: Haven't seen the original so I can't compare, but a bunch of sorority sisters are spending time at their sorority house for some reason which also happens to be the same house of a brutal killer who is institutionalized and happens to escape. He returns to the hous and wrecks havoc. Typcial slasher film It's ok, if maybe it really doesn't make any of the girls that interesting. Yes, they are nice to look at, but that's about it. Otherwise, it's pretty decent as far as slashers go, it is just the victims weren't that interesting.

Chris E (fr) wrote: As far as plots go, this one's pretty out there. Utterly insane, the combination of 3 bad-ass muthafuckers isn't quite as blaxploitation nirvana as I'd hoped, but it's still enjoyable nonetheless. Not great, but pretty okay.

Dimitris S (es) wrote: Probably not your best choice for a good laugh but it does have its moments.I would recommend it if you have watched every other comedy you got and you simply can't find another parody to see.