Say It in French

Say It in French

An American golf pro falls in love with a woman while visiting France; before long they are married and in the US. Upon their arrival, they are dismayed to discover that the golfer's parents have arranged for him to marry a wealthy socialite so they can use her money to support their business....

In this farcical comedy, a couple with money woes arrange a financially motivated marriage between their golf-pro son and a wealthy heiress. Little do they know, their son has already been wed while playing a tournament in France. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (de) wrote: Interesting Presentation On The Mystery Of This Animal. Not Surprisingly Japan Is Implicated In The Illegal Sale Of The Meat, Fished & Caught For 'Scientific' Research. Very Slow Moving Overall..Like The Whales Being Followed..Takes A While To Get Thru.

Trevor C (us) wrote: another heap of shite....

James H (nl) wrote: Inane and pointless, low budget, poorly written and rarely funny. The expected crude humor, below average acting. It's just a rip-off of dozens of other movies previous.

Jess L (kr) wrote: A well structured documentary about a Catholic Priest who actively engaged in Pedophilia with children of his parishes. The documentary involves interview with Father Oliver O'Grady along with other church officials and some families of the children he abused. This is a fascinating and interesting documentary that is put together seamlessly. Of course the subject matter is devastating and at times uncomfortable to hear about, but is none the less an inescapable part of our society. The reason this documentary works so well is how it extracts such vivid emotions out of the audience from viewing it. You are shocked, appalled, angry, saddened and a host of other emotions as you sit and watch this story unfold. The interviews with O'Grady further add to this as he seems unaware of the magnitude of his actions upon his victims.Truly riveting viewing that shocks and upsets but I would highly recommend.

nathaniel c (gb) wrote: I saw this on netflix instant movies and I said what the hell looks like an original zombie film. Yes I did get an original zombie movie, but lacked many good things. First off it very dull. Nothing seemed to surprise you or kept you entertained it was just a cool idea. I mean even the ending wasn't that good. Nor was it that funny. It tried to make fun of zombie movie things, but really makes you wish you were watching other zombie comedy's like Sean of the dead or Fido. So in the end its really creative and original, but not entertaining or funny.

Shane J (fr) wrote: This was even more bonkers than the 1st movie. genetic superhuman wrestlers who can transform into b movie monsters. Actually now u say that how did this not work?? lol There is some really dodgy cgi in this film as well. The guy taking over from jet li wasnt in the same class but i suppose this was his earliest films? his martial arts were ok i suppose. There were a fw familiar faces flouting around as well, rob van damme and scott adkins appear which can't be a bad thin i suppose?

Lauren W (fr) wrote: Double Happiness is a pretty good flick. It felt very true to life, although I have no experience with living in two cultures. I have a feeling it will be like Wilby Wonderful for me, where it improves with subsequent viewings.

Zach C (fr) wrote: Dated, corny, and mind-bogglingly overrated.

Juan S (ag) wrote: Beautiful holiday movie I really love this movie

Kim P (jp) wrote: A fascinating film. Much of the victim blaming would never fly today, but the film does a great job potraying the purely he/she nature of a rape trial. Kirk Douglas was incredible as the defense attorney. And I was paticularly impressed with Robert Blake and Richard Jaekel as two of the four soldiers. Jaekel, while he doesn't have many lines sits next to Douglas and has alot of camera time, and his reactions during the trial are amazing. A film that really makes you think.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Well told adventure story, although without any visual impact despite an exotic setting.

Amy B (br) wrote: Not the best Herbie film, quite a disappointment compared to the others actually, but still pretty good.

Jim H (it) wrote: Various guests, including an aging dancer, a dying accountant, a business magnate, a beautiful stenographer, and a thief, stay at a posh German hotel.It takes a long time - perhaps twenty minutes - for this film to get started, and during that exposition I thought that director Edmund Goulding would attempt to pass off the hotel as the main character. However, once the film realizes that John Barrymore and Greta Garbo are in it, it picks up steam on the strength of the performances by these two exceptional talents. The rest of the characters and the setting find their place, and the film gives off an amiable charm. Later it turns sad, but not oppressively so.Like Nashville and other Robert Altman oeuvre, the film portrays little dramas that might amount only to a recognition of the variance of life and the mercurial nature of fate, but the later director (Altman) developed these themes more clearly and effectively.Overall, once the film is on its way, it can be charming, but it's too long a wait.