Air Force Major Lloyd Gruver (Marlon Brando) is reassigned to a Japanese air base, and is confronted with US racial prejudice against the Japanese people. The issue is compounded because a number of the soldiers become romantically involved with Japanese women, in defiance of US military policy. Ordinarily an officer who is by-the-book, Gruver must take a position when a buddy of his, an enlisted man Joe Kelly (Red Buttons) falls in love with a Japanese woman Katsumi (Miyoshi Umeki) and marries her. Gruver risks his position by serving as best man at the wedding ceremony.

A US air force major in Kobe confronts his own opposition to marriages between American servicemen and Japanese women when he falls for a beautiful performer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sayonara torrent reviews

Dan M (ag) wrote: An interesting, yet boring movie at the same time. An end of the world film that turns into a love story, so there were plenty of yawns during the slow parts. I'm just curious as to what started this 'World War 3' and why it ended so quickly. They just mention 'terrorists' but they're never really shown except for a small scene. Maybe it's what happens if Drumpf becomes President and starts wars on countries that insult him or don't agree with him, that's my guess anyways.

Kevin H (it) wrote: all other reviewers, what the hell were you expecting? I found this movie hillariousely entertaining. It falls into the "so awful its awsome" catagory of things, but unlike manny other things that are truely awful, I actually didn't get sick of watching it. The fact that it had terrible actin, a terrible script, no special effects other than some face blood being squirted around, and was topped off with grainy home video quality gave it a certain charm that you just don't get alot of. Oh, and bonus points for being made by a crew of 3 random people with no moneyg studio. And even more bonus points for the 3 random people not being preachy documentarians, or pretentious film school graduates. So yeah, I liked it. If you liked "Canibal, The Musical" and similar no-budget-crappy-fun movies, you'll love it.

Martin A (us) wrote: Like it or not, this film has the most terrifying scene ever seared onto celluloid. You'll know it when you see it...and it will leave you shook up and gasping.

tenin p (br) wrote: nice movie like akshay for his acting

Mithun G (jp) wrote: And I thought politics at home were fucked up.

Paul K (jp) wrote: will fucker that list as free online let see the movie

Joseph R (fr) wrote: Great intill.... BOOM there went Jason's head

Damir A (ca) wrote: A serial killer police procedural with Cage. What's there not to like ?

Becky P (gb) wrote: A good movie but I would have ratcheted a different actor to play the main character.

Travis W (it) wrote: As a banker myself, I really enjoyed this movie. Took a big economic event is our history and made it into a compelling interesting movie. Loved the cast and the way it was told. Very good movie