While driving her car, Kamini (Shyama) runs over a young man (Dev Anand), who is seriously injured. She stops the car, and takes him to a hospital, where it takes several weeks for him to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sazaa torrent reviews

Ni P (fr) wrote: ma leei oti den to ekane

Mohammed A (us) wrote: Disgrace for the game

Shawn W (fr) wrote: very well put together documentary about platos nightclub of the wild 1970s in new york city.

Haggus L (mx) wrote: I don't why this was in my movie que. Either way, it was ok I guess. Cheating spouses just isn't my think, but at Ms Telford and Ms Duff were easy on the eyes. Little, on the other hand, was not.

Zachary L (es) wrote: Even though this is a retelling of actual events surrounding one man, I was hoping for more Go action and got very few shots of the boards themselves. The main character is almost essentially a mute, even when interacting with his wife. We are told the story of his personal struggles and triumphs either through the actions of others or the scripts written on screen. Not exactly high action or drama here as it is more of a biopic. Everything moves along rather slowly as we follow along Wu Qinyuan's life as the number one Go master in Japan during the war. Not my cup of tea but maybe I was expecting too much rather than a slow moving documentary on his life.

Matthew L (es) wrote: Total knockoff of The Day After Tomorrow, done badly.

Shaista D (ca) wrote: Peter Falk is great as ever. This is not an oscar winning film but a light hearted comedy about family relationships. Worth watching

Steve G (ag) wrote: The Johnny "death" scene was among the most painful ever.

Pierre K (fr) wrote: awesome movie about the description of the underworld of s well made with a great acting and story.Everything suits well without being exaggerated(except one scene or two)Itr s a nice story and a must watch for growing teenager and everyone above that age.Nice story.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 (1939) They Made Me A Criminal CRIME DRAMA/ THRILLER/ SUSPENSE The plot has actor John Garfield as a boxer, and ends up running away from the law for accidently killing someone in the ring! While being pursued he then comes across into an isolated crop field which is really a sanctuary for the law to send rehabilitation juevenile delinquents which some frequent old movie watchers would recognize some as the "The Bowery Boys" who were popular during this time! While there, he falls in love(as movies always do) and befriends the kids at the same time! The only thing I can say is that this movie is very straight forward with a great ending! What's interesting about this film is the fact that although boxing in the underworld or illegal boxing matches were prevalent during The Great Depression, one wouldn't know whether their were any rules or consequences imposed if one to get himself killed as a result of many bouts! And I guess at the particular time during the 30's or during 'The Great Depression' (at least in some urban areas), this is how society dealt with it. 3 out of 4

Veniea T (kr) wrote: Grand moviewith Chuck

Buggy B (br) wrote: Gerard butler stars in this high octane action spectacle as Kable, a flesh and blood man whose actions are controlled by popular champion gamer Simon in a deadly first person shooter game called "Slayers"

Gregory M (us) wrote: It just is something about Jim Carrey that I really can't appreciate.Yes the problem is just in my head,cause this could easily be on of his best roles.A comedy that I hoped was more romantic than it really was.

Clem S (jp) wrote: This movie was actually really good, I enjoyed all the visuals and the way they tell a lot of the story just from the horse's expressions is pretty spectacular, definitely a high rating from me and will definitely watch it again!