Scarlet Street

Scarlet Street

A man in mid-life crisis befriends a young woman after rescuing her from an attack. She believes he is rich and her boyfriend persuades her to con him out of his fortune.

When a man in mid-life crisis befriends a young woman, her venal fiancé persuades her to con him out of some of the fortune she thinks he has. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert L (br) wrote: Vampires from a child's perspective. Very interesting. Well acted. Quiet and dark. This one is going to stick with me for awhile I think. Stand By Me meets Interview with a Vampire.

Shane B (es) wrote: very much a film for modern times. And what's great about is that the lead just happens to be gay. Yes, the plot involves homosexuality, but the film could have worked in a similar fashion without it. But it's a big step forward where there is a film with a gay character, or characters, that isn't actually ABOUT being gay! And Tom Harper is cute!

Jeff H (ag) wrote: A painfully intimate documentary about star TV reporter Rick Kirkham's crack-assisted self-destruction. From the age of 14, Kirkham filmed everything - well, 3000 hours of everything - and from that abundance of material we get the births of his two sons, Kirkham's lone nights with the crack pipe, harrowing fights between husband and wife with cameo appearances by the police, and Kirkham's video diary postmortems on rehab stints, getting fired, getting hired, getting fired again, going bankrupt, losing his family, and drowning in tears. Kirkham is a complex and sympathetic character, with the raw honesty of his video diaries counterpointing his self-serving dissembling in his arguments with his wife and exchanges with police. TV Junkie is a fascinating reconstruction and deconstruction of a life, in the spirit of Video Fool For Love, Capturing the Friedmans and Tarnation.

Niral G (gb) wrote: A good message through an above-average performance and plot.

Denise R (au) wrote: this movie is awesome

Jen M (ca) wrote: Good football movie for 8+

Hudi W (gb) wrote: Woody Allen's Movie Marathon Night!

John W (au) wrote: Utterly forgettable, (unintentionally?) ends up to be comedy horror with not a lot of either. Told in a flashback style that reuses a lot of the footage from the original film, it doesn't feel like there is a lot of new content either. And coming from an original idea that was only semi-compelling in the first place. If it weren't for the brouhaha that it's release brought about, I think the franchise would have died before beginning.

Catherine S (nl) wrote: Young Sherlock Holmes is a fun adventure from the mind of Steven Spielberg, though it's one of those movies that you need to give up any prior knowledge of Sherlock Holmes to properly enjoy. VERY loosely inspired by the original stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Young Sherlock Holmes covers the original meeting of a school age John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as well as their first adventure. After the mysterious deaths of several elderly men and his professor, Holmes and Watson investigate and end up uncovering a plot of revenge, deception, and mysterious hallucinogenic thorns. Before you watch this movie, pretend like you've never seen or read any Sherlock Holmes stories (some of you may not have to) or at least pretend like you barely know anything about the mythos and backstory to the characters. Then, you'll probably really like Young Sherlock Holmes. The movie commits what would be considered sins for a Sherlock Holmes adaption, using elements never used in the actual stories as well as lines long since debunked. However, that's not important for this movie. It's fun to watch, definitely. The mystery isn't close to Holmes material, but it's nonetheless a joy to watch. Nicholas Rowe's Sherlock is well acted and Alan Cox is great as Watson, despite the fact that Watson gets a little grating after a while. Something I will note that I liked is the idea of none of the actors being well known. Unlike the most recent Sherlock Holmes adaption, I'm not being distracted by the idea of Iron Man playing Sherlock Holmes. Really, the movie suffers from the person who produced the film, Steven Spielberg. The film stinks of Spielberg with its forced whimsy. That hurt the movie for me. Also, the soundtrack didn't always fit the situation. But other times, it worked especially with the fight sequences. This is a great way for kids ages 10 to 12 to be introduced to Sherlock Holmes. Others may enjoy this film, but it's hard to say. I think fans of Sherlock Holmes may have more problems with this film like I did. But it's still a fun film. (Real Rating: 84%)

Roni M (gb) wrote: Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Jerry Reed always have an on screen chemistry that makes a movie work. That makes this cop comedy worth seeing. Dom DeLuise smoking weed scene is can a person not laugh when Dom is on a giggle-fit? Funny flick.

Grant H (ag) wrote: Fairly good movie. Pretty funny, good messages, and good performances from its cast.

Michael L (de) wrote: Doesn't age very well, despite some decent ideas on its surface.

Eliabeth B (us) wrote: pure filth and insanity

Fedor W (jp) wrote: Not bad at all. Rourke was good, not the best storyline though.

James W (ag) wrote: Kevin James makes better movies without Adam Sandler and Here Comes the Boom is proof of that. It's still pretty much just a comedy version of Warrior.

Hayley S (de) wrote: I love penguins of Madagascar but use all need shut up about penguins of Madagascar stop saying nasty stupid stuff about the movie why don't use all go watched it again

Jenn M (kr) wrote: The plot seemed like it was intriguing, sexy, thrilling but then it became a huge disappointment. The first problem was that the story flip flopped all over the place in terms of time Lines without being obvious. Turns out thst something you think is happening now actually happened long before but you had no idea because it wasn't presented well so it became confusing at times The other issue was thst it started off with a bang, there was no build up, there was no nail biting, it was just blah. Just a bunch of characters we know nothing about initially until the confusing flashbacks which didn't create any buildup or intrigue, you just watch and think to yourself, yeah he's a dick, now what?Then the whole voyeur plot line was just stupid and convenient. But the thing is thst it was weak and didn't do all thst much to further the story other than looking like it was thrown in to explain something almost non existent. Eventually you just don't care who the culprit is anymore, you just want it over with.The end was lame

Claraclogs M (it) wrote: Top film!! Richard Harris at his best!

Yuri B (au) wrote: The single most hilarious thing I had ever seen at that time... I was floored... it made some careers also.

Sam G (us) wrote: Surprise film of the year.Tight, tense and claustrophobic. Unnerving to an extreme degree and delivers outstanding performances, especially from John Goodman who deserves an Oscar nod. Also it somehow delivers a chase scene in this setting which ups the tension tenfold.The let down is last ten fifteen minutes.Overall a fantastic film.