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Scars torrent reviews

Maxim L (fr) wrote: This is not Moldova. Some bull. May be Romania, but not Moldova. Lies all around....

Alex H (mx) wrote: A competent adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist's coming-of-age vampire romance. Though still inferior to the Swedish adaptation, Matt Reeves's version is a stunning and heartfelt character-driven piece with strong performances from its central child duo, as well as Elias Koteas and Richard Jenkins.A personal gripe I have with this particular version is the more blatant depiction of the vampire child as biologically female, whereas the character is male in the book as well as the Swedish film. I'm not sure if such backstory was cut for pacing issues or to make the film more relatable to general audiences. Regardless, it's a mildly disappointing change from the LGBT representation in the original.

Annalise F (br) wrote: Beautifully made. Love the expansive slow shots and refined script. The dialogue of the cops is so dry. It lets the harsh indifference of this land be seen directly. Great to see the refugee's perspective. Top work.

Jonny P (de) wrote: "Addicted to Love" is far from the best chick flick ever created, but is definitely worth watching for the big pay-off at the end. As Broderick and Ryan spy on their cheating ex's who have since gotten together, many of their antics are cute and comical, while a few scenes are uncomfortable and too much (like in The Hangover when a point comes that you just start to feel bad for the victims). Although the journey isn't exactly as I would like it, the ending dialogue is perfect. Broderick has an average performance while Meg Ryan is spunky and adorable. Tcheky Karyo is entertaining as the villainous victim while Kelly Preston made little-to-no impact. Although I'm giving the film an average rating, I would watch it again (but probably not until I've watched You've Got Mail 3 more times).

Paul J (jp) wrote: This satanic little film certainly caused a great deal of trouble when it was released. Censors were worried that students would be inspired to go out and kill their classmates (at least the ones they didn't like). It also combines computers and black magic - a novelty for the time. Keep in mind, Tron also came out the same year (Electric Dreams wasn't far behind). Ultimately, this film is pretty gruesome and the horror does have a disturbing quality to it (pigs eating people!). Still, the film isn't anything that remarkable. See it, but make sure you place it in context of when it came out. The home computer was such a new concept - the potential freaked people out.

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Stolen Kisses is about a young man who was discharged from the army due to constantly being absent without permission, and has first taken up a job as a night watchmen before eventually delving into the profession of a private detective.It was truly stupid of me to start off with this film, as I have found out after watching the film that this is the third film of a trilogy that started with The 400 Blows about the character, Antoine Doinel. This is the main reason why I felt kind of slightly detached with the character and not comprehensively understand the intentions that Truffaut was trying to push with this film. Luckily though, I still was able to enjoy this film as I found the protagonist and the adventures he goes on, to be highly fun and quirky. I loved watching him attempting to succeed in areas that are clearly not meant for him, and at the same time watch him becoming distracted by the women in his life, and how they affect his "career". The most interesting was definitely the relationship between him and Catherine, as they both don't seem to agree on their current feelings for one another that it becomes complicated to have things run smoothly for them. Truffaut doesn't romanticize the relationship though; he keeps it highly respectable but still retains that sense of quirkiness, which I also found in the previous film I have seen from the director, Jules and Jim. As I have said, the film's protagonist came off intriguing as Truffaut handled it in a very interesting way, and definitely someone I would love to explore more deeply.One can justify that this film is a romantic comedy as those elements are definitely clear when watching this film, but I personally felt like there was more to it than just that. I felt that the film was trying to say something about "useless" men that have been ejected from the army, to show us how difficult it is to make a living for yourself and to feel incompetent to society, but it feels buried deep into the film that could be easily accessed if one has seen the two films that preceded this. The film also explores the idea of obsession, though not as dire as what Hitchcock presented in Vertigo, but in a comedic and slightly more realistic kind of way. I am not sure whether or not Truffaut was conscious when he has made the reference, but I do see some of the resemblance, then again this may just be me. Nevertheless, these themes don't interfere with the tone and style that Truffaut was going for, and can still be enjoyed at a superficial level.The film's camera work was satisfying, creating that light and comedic mood that makes the film feel easily accessible and digestible. There were times, particularly during the shots that capture Antoine walking around the streets of Paris, where the filmmakers are trying to suggest that sense of monitoring; like as if someone is watching your every move. Even by the end of the film, a character who suddenly reveals he to be a watcher has shown us that one can't truly be safe. The film's score was quite pleasant to listen to, particularly the opening track as it creates this warm, sweet feeling that I haven't felt about in a song played during a film for a very long time. The orchestral score on the other hand plays out the same feelings in me as the opening track, light and sweet, doesn't try to play with your emotions but instead highlights the personality of the characters and the comedic tone of the film. One can't help but grin a little when little moments happen in the film and some of the commendation belongs to the film's music.The acting in this film was wonderful, boasting a strong performance from Jean-Pierre Leaud. He played his character with such ease, that I can't help but feel impressed, as other actors who play characters like this try to come off as quirky and funny but end up either overwhelming or underwhelming in their performance. Leaud was able to incorporate comedy in almost all areas of his performance, physical and verbal, with some showing subtlety while others are plain obvious, but the lack of subtlety in some of his physical performance doesn't hurt his performance in the film, at times it actually makes it funnier that he has shown such commitment in making his movements look and feel hilarious. This is primarily Leaud's film so the other actors were only present to support our perceptions of the character, so I would leave my critique for the other actors in my second viewing of the film.Stolen Kisses is a delightful film from Truffaut that definitely would have benefited me if I have seen the films that preceded it.

John A (mx) wrote: Based On Stephen King's Novella Of The Same Name, Apt Pupil Is The Third Story From Stephen Kings Different Seasons To Be Adapted Into Film. Apt Pupil Is A Geuine Thriller, Which Gives At Least A Couple Of Thrills Through It's Somewhat Disturbing Images & Content. McKellan Is Brilliantly Cast As The Nazi War Criminal Who Corrupts A Teenage Boy Obsessed With The Second World War. Apt Pupil Os An Extremely Entertaining Thriller, But Sadly It Has It's Flaws.

Rangan R (br) wrote: A fictional historic movie that tells the story about the Afro-Americans family. It was a television movie adapted from a novel of the same name. The movie is a purpose to learn about the history. Also describes the unity of the family and importance to fight back for the right things which was inspiring. It was not a violent movie, it was PG rated that everyone in the family can watch together on a fine occasion. It was shorter and targets nothing particularly about, but all the stuffs that happen around the family was showcased satisfactory manner. An old man, Kenny recalls his childhood incidental story when the country was in revolution for his race. Kenny is a 11-year-old, born in a happy middle class family who live in Michigan. He got a trouble making older brother and an adorable little sister. On a summer holiday they decide to visit grandma who is in Birmingham. So the journey begins, but half way through they come to know that revolution for the civil rights movement has begun. Once they have reached, after the initial few days all the three children start to like the city. One side the revolution and the other side the family vacation. How the Watson family encountered historic event that took place was briefed with many good dialogues and tragic incidents.''Nonviolence is the key in the fight...To break the bondage of oppression.'' A fine family story. This television movie offers lots of fun moments as well thinkable about our history. Good performance except a couple of them did not convince through their exhibition. The story was told from a kid's perspective about the events he witnessed during the holiday vacation that changed the history of entire country forever. As a kid, he grew up in a society that troubled by racism remarks. Where he visits during the holiday makes him realize the existence of two kinds of a divided society. The story of the family might be fictitious, but the affairs happened around them were based on the real. Especially the bombing incident was very true. Anyway, a simplest movie for television audience. This movie is especially for people who are not into books. Those who are into both are always draw differences. I have not read it, but I liked this movie. Not a must see movie, but to add to the watch list and give it a shot when the proper time you think has arrived.