Scars of Youth

Scars of Youth

In a post-apocalyptic world 200 years in the future, society has broken down into fragmented groups who now dwell within a tangled wood, completely unaware of any civilization that exists beyond and governed by the white-suited agents of some ominous force, which could perhaps be nothing more than a high-tech manifestation of their own guilt and suffering. In this world, a young man living in a decaying wreck of a dwelling struggles to come to terms with his bleak existence while trying to save his mother from the grip of a strange black fluid which seems to prolong life but at the same time leaves it's users in a drug-like haze and causes scar-like tissue to cover their bodies. Scars of Youth follows in the tradition of classic European science fiction such as Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker and Solaris, while at the same time forging new ground in surrealistic fantasy film.

In a post-apocalyptic world 200 years in the future, society has broken down into fragmented groups who now dwell within a tangled wood, completely unaware of any civilization that exists ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alex f (ru) wrote: Funny but didn't like the boobs that much

Kathy N (gb) wrote: Imagine what it is like to go to school seemingly a normal day, to hearing three gun shots. For Jake Taylor (Randy Wayne) it was one of the most terrifying things. Why? Because the person holding the gun was his old childhood friend Roger (Robert Bailey Jr.), and with Rogers fourth shot he ended his life right in front of Jake. At the funeral Pastor Chris was introduced and played an important role in helping Jake overcome the overwhelming struggle of wanting to change from this Mr. Popular, high school basketball star, to someone completely different. Produced by a church, To Save a Life is one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen, due to the slight Christian spin to the movie, a relatable script, and the actors. The million dollar budgeted Sony supported film made around 1.5 million dollars opening weekend. For the New Song Church, they fully developed a movie surrounding the truth behind common high school struggles. Being a Christian church, I expected them to wash over the party scene, unprotected sex, and bullying. However, they displayed an accurate picture of how teenagers act. I would not necessarily say this movie is original, because this stuff does happen in daily life. Nevertheless, with the religious spin it does bring a sense of uniqueness that I have not seen put on the screen. Another thing that made this film relatable was the script. The actors talk in everyday lingo and do not sound overly educated, especially since the movie is rated PG-13. There were common struggles such as the peer pressure to want to fit in, the struggle of a family splitting apart, and miscommunication, which makes it seem like real life. The production of To Save a Life was well thought through. Director Brian Bough did a wonderful job keeping viewers engaged while question their own perceptions and morals. The actors deserve a lot of credit for making this movie believable. The emotions they had could be felt by the audience causing people to tear up in the theaters. In an interview Robert Bailey Jr. states, "It (To Save a Life) resonates a lot of different ways with a lot of different people. Some people find some parts humorous, some people relate it to people they know or to experiences they've had in the past." Due to the script and the actors, together they made a wonderful film.Overall, I feel that this movie challenges how we feel about suicide, bullying, making a one hundred eighty degree change to figure out what we value, and many more. This is a great movie to expose teenagers to the real life of how sometimes tragedies eventually work out for the better. One may need to sacrifice what they have known for so long to make a difference in the world. Pastor Chris says, "...Transformation is tough, and we don't always end up where we think we will. But we have to remember, that even when we struggle to believe in Him, He always believes in us."

Andrea S (ca) wrote: har den hr i dvdhyllan

g g (fr) wrote: Absolutely brilliiant animation. A clever idea to do a bio of Ryan Larkin in this way. I would certainly watch it over again. I wish I knew how to find other gems like this.

Paul C (us) wrote: There has been many movies like this one out. You take a group of people, stick them together, make a game out of it, mostly everyone dies. The most popular out at this time is the Saw series. But that series really relies on the gore factor to make the viewers jump. This one, not so much. There was a few pretty gruesome scenes, but for the most part the movie messes with your mind; not your eyes. The cast was decent. They had some girls in their clearly for eye candy, but at least they could act. Dennis Hopper was an interesting touch. I will also point out that I enjoyed Raffaello Degruttols's role as the cop. The story of the film was pretty good, but some parts were a little boring. You kind of wanted to see more action than dialog, but like I said before, I believe they were just trying to play with your mind. The film takes you all over the place making you wonder what will happen at the end. See if you can guess it and then be prepared for the real ending.

Nick B (gb) wrote: A fun and funny holiday movie.

Heather J (au) wrote: Shit (that's directed at myself) as I was not in the right frame of mind to watch a movie directed by the magnificent Theodoros Angelopoulos. Aaaaaaaaaargh. Always next time.

Dave S (es) wrote: This is a classic comedy for me. I can go back to it every couple of years and still enjoy it and even appreciate it every time I watch it. This movie is so Kevin Smith in every way. If you are a Kevin Smith fan, this is your movie.

Guimo P (us) wrote: With no cure in sight, Contracted: Phase II pegs the next instalment at its conclusion. Hopefully, it will not only retain, if not surpass, its present degree of gore but also offer a better narrative with more exciting characters and truer suspense.