Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5

Home with their newly-formed family, happy parents Dan and Jody are haunted by sinister, paranormal activities. Determined to expel the insidious force, they install security cameras and discover their family is being stalked by an evil dead demon.

Scary Movie is directed by Malcolm Lee who teamed up and worked side by side with legendary comedy director David Zucker. This films is back with hilarious send-ups of the latest and greatest horror movies, featuring the biggest celebrities around including Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen, and Snoop Dogg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scary Movie 5 torrent reviews

Don S (au) wrote: This is a pretty good movie! Even Nicolas Cage, who I think is a terrible actor, is okay. A serial killer is loose in Alaska and Cage has to catch him. Some plot holes, and strange police procedures, but it held my attention and was interesting. I really liked the photo tribute at the end. That was well done!

Khoiruunisa F (br) wrote: Ah, Tomie. Gadis (monster) supercantik entah dari mana yang bisa mampu membuat laki - laki manapun tergila - gila dan menginginkan dirinya...dengan cara yang sangat brutal dan mengerikan. Tomie, gadis yang merupakan personifikasi dari 'lust' ini akan terus hidup...Selama ada yang masih menginginkan dia.Akhirnya kesampaian juga rasa penasaran nonton salah satu film yang diangkat dari salah satu manga karya Junji Ito yang paling terkenal. Bukan apa - apa sih, cuma penasaran saja seperti apa film yang dibuat sampai 8 sekuel ini ("Tomie Unlimited" adalah film Tomie ke - 9). Dan ternyata, Tomie series ini adalah ibarat 'saudara' seri "Friday The 13th" & "Nightmare On Elm Street", yang memiliki banyak sekuel (atau seri?) namun sayangnya kurang diiringi dengan kualitas plot yang memadai dan hanya berakhir sebagai sekedar pemuas 'nafsu' fans beratnya saja.Yah, setidaknya saya tetap berterima kasih pada Tomie & Junji Ito yang sudah sukses bikin saya nggak jadi seorang penakut lagi, karena dari karya - karya beliau saya sadar bahwa ternyata horor juga ada sisi 'humor'nya.NB : Di antara semua cewek yang pernah memerankan Tomie selama ini, sepertinya Miu Nakamura ini yang paling memenuhi ekpektasi saya. Mulai dari wajah, proporsi tubuh, pembawaan dan aktingnya paling mirip Tomie versi manga : cantik, misterius...tapi juga menyeramkan dan menyebalkan tentunya!

David M (de) wrote: Could have been a lot worse, but could have been a lot better...

Pia W (fr) wrote: Brilliant combination of East German and Cajun culture. some great music and it brought me back to my saxony roots. :o)

Callum R (au) wrote: La Mepris: Godard's most mainstream and arguably most personal endeavour is uniquely crafted and expertly fulfils its adventurous aspirations.Downbeat and decidely muted style leaves this Godard film at qualms with his usual montage and power of the camera. From the moment he reads out the cast and crew, to the introduction of Expressionist maestro and inspiration Fritz Lang you begin to comprehend that this Godard film is more meaningful and provoking than his others. Such personal assemblance in structuring this sad parable, Godard adds layer upon layer of meaning to his cast who are acting out the Greek conflict of The Odyssey in a striking and stark relationship. The title 'Contempt' refers to Piccoli's wife (Bardot) who spends most of her time in frame naked. This struggle between art (Lang's interpretation of Odyssey) and commerciality (the film producer's idea of film) mirrors the struggles and ambition Godard himself had when writing for Cahiers. Such despair does taint the films appeal, and even as I write this its hard to find and describe the enjoyment of watching this film other than to realise Godard's hopelessness of a lose-lose situation. My feelings to this are similar to that of Hitchcock's Vertigo, a mysterious film which I can't warm to or understand. Contempt is cold and Piccoli is left in dire straits until fate happily takes away such miserable conclusions. Widely regarded as the director's masterpiece and made arguably at the height of French New Wave prowess, Contempt is a picture with depth and texture whose audacious tenacity is both self-reflexive and slightly pretentious. Further viewing is required, but I advise you to take a look at this fascinating detour from Godard. Rated (15): Contains Strong Despairing Naked Bottoms from the start

sami y (nl) wrote: A very sweet movie with a very real and relatable message. A much more emotional movie than Simon Pegg's more light hearted comedies than I'm used to but it's so well done that I really enjoyed the foray into the dramatic. Honest and pure.

Jadelyn W (de) wrote: Such a great movie. It kept me interested from beginning right until the end. It showcases the many personality traits of each character. Also, great performances from all the actors, especially DiCaprio. Definitely would watch again.

Sarah H (ca) wrote: Why do I have to apparently pay too much attention to movies? I kinda figured out the "code" before they explained it simply because they kept mentioning things and I figured it had to be important. Although you kinda know who is telling the truth it's interesting to see how she reacts to being kidnapped.