Schapelle is a telemovie based on the arrest, trial and conviction of Schapelle Corby in 2004-2005. A 27 year old beauty school dropout from the Gold Coast, Schapelle was arrested at Bali airport with 4.2kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag.

The arrest of Australian Schapelle Corby at Bali airport in 2004 with 4 kilograms of marijuana. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken H (jp) wrote: My wife is going to see this 6/2 at AR Arts Center. It won lots of awards. Check out the trailers. I think you will want to see this amazing TRUE story of a not-so-common housecleaner. Turns out she is an artistic genius!

Daniel W (us) wrote: This was a decent movie. I knew it would be a cheesy horror film, but sometimes they are decent. This is one of those films! The ending sucks a little but maybe a sequel will come out to give the answers. They were clearly not playing the"made you look game" as some web searches suggest. The rules he played by were totally different.

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Leon B (es) wrote: Love this movie from start to finish, he was a legend and his legacy will never die

Greg B (it) wrote: Underrated masterpiece.Perhaps the most underrated crime drama ever.A great cast down to the bit parts.Gary Oldman's performance probably the best of his career. Ed Harris as always brilliant. Sean Penn gives one of the most underrated performances of his career. If you loved The Departed you'll love this film.Amazing shoot out ending and Jordan Cronworth's best cinematography since Blade Runner.

Shaun M (us) wrote: Gus Van Sant's debut feature is also one of his simplest and most accessible. Mala Noche is a compelling drama depicting the turbulent relationship between a homosexual white man and a group of mexican men, offering plenty of insight into each social group, and ultimately encouraging understanding between the two.

Cheryl L (nl) wrote: This is among one of his best movies.

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Kimberley B (nl) wrote: Parts of this film were good, and parts weren't. Not bad all round, but not great either

Emma M (us) wrote: Olivia is such an amazing actress, and she plays her part so well!! The story really touches your heart!

Marilee A (us) wrote: A Fun take on Film Noir ,mixed with Comedy ,& is a Musical too ,with a very Fit & Fabulous Barbara Stanwyck as a Burlesque Vixen who Sings & Dances herself suggestively into a heap of trouble . The Stars of the Show are being strangled with their own G-Strings(yeah, they had them then, who knew?) & everyone is a suspect, including Dixie Daisy(Stanwyck).With the evidence pointing strongly to Dixie or she's about to become the next victim, she & Bitt(Michael O'Shea), who is sweet on her, set out to solve this crime before the Police jump to all the wrong conclusions.One minute you are on the edge of your seat biting your nails in fear, & the next minute you are laughing, or singing along.All of which to such superb effect,& with a Surprise, that is what makes this such a great film that can take you through such a range of emotions.

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