Schellebelle 1919

Schellebelle 1919

The movie tells the story of the farming family Van de Velde, in the aftermath of the First World War. The farmer and his son, who have fought in the trenches of the Yser, are still missing in 1919, and the mother has died, so the eldest daughter Coralie runs the farm now on her own. She has welcomed 25 orphans during the war, but the Child Welfare Commission wants to put them in an orphanage. And some local notables with a sneaky plan want to take possession of the farm. But Coralie and the orphans fight back...

After the Great War, traumatized Yser front hero Casimir Van De Velde returns home. He's not amused to see his bitchy sister Coralie turned it into a virtual orphanage and home for other ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dani J (au) wrote: Wtf is this movie... I could already figure out the premise as soon as she had her first night terror. Acting and dialogue is so bad. The typical naive white girl is like a horror film staple but damn this is just painful to watch.

Ian M (au) wrote: This movie sounds like it has a beautiful story. I definitely want to check it out.

Teddy L (au) wrote: Actually one of the best horror movies I've watched in awhile.

Brett W (ru) wrote: James Woods chases serial killer. What could be better?

Tanner B (ru) wrote: Ninja III: The Domination (1984) ??Dying ninja possesses innocent women to do his bidding. Good action, but not enough of it.

roger t (de) wrote: Startling and tragic. Easily Lange's best work. Highly recommended.

Gema R (mx) wrote: Good sound effects and somewhat surprising end. The rest is awful

Paul D (gb) wrote: Way ahead of its time as a thoughtful, gritty and sometimes reflective western. Sadly the last couple of minutes seem to have a tacked on Hollywood ending which does not befit the excellent work gone before it.

Mathusala H (mx) wrote: With Al Pacino's Oscar worthy performance and Brian De Palma's direction. Scarface has become a classic and will be remembered as one of the greatest films of all time.

Aaron M (es) wrote: This is the definition of average. Only credit due is for the persuasion in getting these bunch of actors in on this terrible screenplay, there was talent yet a complete mix match of stars. I remember the books being okay for there age range and I suppose this too, does work for a kids James Bond movie. Critically though there was so much wrong with this attempt of an action movie. The way it was choreographed signals the intent on following its source and targeting the younger audience. Which is fine but for what it is, its complete tripe. Really is no wonder why they never continued to screen the rest of the series of books, good decision. Lost points for the absolute farce of an ending too.

Matthew M (de) wrote: this movie is good. it had enough action that was violent enough but it could have had more. that was the only good thing about it pure 80 movie action with a little too much dialogue

Nicanor R (au) wrote: Insightful yet empty.