An employee at a professional separation agency -- a business that helps couples break up -- embarks on his toughest assignment yet: helping his own parents part ways.

An employee at a professional separation agency, a business that helps couples break up, Paul tries to tackle the problems that come with Toto, the boyfriend of a customer, while he has his own thinking to do about love and relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (ca) wrote: "The Purge" es una historia de terror y ciencia ficcin en la que en un futuro cercano (2022), se impone en Estados Unidos una vez al ao una "purga", en la que, por toda una noche, las personas son libres de asesinar sin consecuencias legales. Esta es una premisa algo absurda, pero gracias a la actuacin de Ethan Hawke, que se sale un poco de los personajes estereotipados de cintas de este tipo y de un malfico Rhys Wakefield, as como de algunas secuencias de suspenso bien logradas, el espectador logra sobrevivir a la purga.

Peter S (mx) wrote: 6/10interesting film from the "US Americans in eastern europe" series, all necessary cheesy features are presenet; sometimes still surprising;Good compromise between 1st person fiew and fixed cameras.

Felix W (ru) wrote: "Colombiana" is a weak movie with very little tension and no real execution.Many of the scenes seem rushed and not finished there is also a lack of emotions. Saldana tries very hard to convey the emotions to the viewer but fails miserably. Throughout the whole movie the viewer never feels really comfortable and everything feels out of place. The some story lines never really line up. In the middle of the movie there is a period when all the actors, especially Saldana, try to make the situation exciting and suspenseful but that never really happens. They rather appear awkward and helpless. In a scene close to the end of the movie when Saldana's character holds another character hostage and instead of appearing threatening and though, she breaks down crying like a little girl. The whole movie seems off and out of place.As to the other cinematic elements there is not much to say. There is neither special cinematography nor directing. The music fits the movie and is often out of place and not really fitting and emotional. The story and screenplay, both written by Luc Besson, have great potential and hurts me to see such a promising story butchered and neglected in so many points like this. I read very recently that a sequel is planned and I think that a movie horrible like this should not get a sequel. All I can hope for is that they this time maybe let Besson direct the sequel and it might turn out better. In conclusion we can say that "Colombiana" was a misstep of a movie and I wouldn't watch in some time in the near future.

Andy G (nl) wrote: The art of the steal is it interesting crime drama about four guys that our son into still the Bible of King James and get away with it without being caught. Very good cast Kurt Russell Jay Baruchel Terence Stamp and Kevin Dillon and Jason Jones. B (2014)

Ada C (fr) wrote: Bien buena! me gust

Benjamin O (mx) wrote: Desperately wanting.

James H (ag) wrote: 48/100. Unconvincing comedy, it has a few good gags but most just don't work and it doesn't make the best use of the story line. The acting is below average. The direction is sloppy and unfocused. It's a cute idea but poorly executed.

Taba H (br) wrote: Hankalasti seurattava wuxia-tv-folklore-draama, kauas ei pudota power rangersista toiminnan suhteen, tarina kummallinen satu, jossa lukuisia korneja muistinmenetysluolia ja universumin henkisia ytimia pidetaan itsestaan selvina faktoina, ei siis tarvitse selittaa katsojalle, lopulta stoorista ei oikein tajua/jaksa tajuta mitaan ja homma paatyy paattomaksi kakalta nayttavaksi tehosteplajaykseksi...

Robert R (it) wrote: Two words, Bruce Campbell.

Carito S (ag) wrote: Una mirada q deja mal parado a ambos lados del conflicto. Es claro q con la violencia nunca se gana nada...MUY BUENAS ACTUACIONES!

Ruhan R (jp) wrote: Although it involved plenty of pot, it would be a bit of a longshot to call this film a stoner movie since it doesn't fall under comedy. The cast was well put-together, the performers seemed to have manage to dig into their rolls quite well, although they weren't the most complex of characters. As for the script itself, I'm going to have to say it was half-baked. Pun intended. The script had a decent enough premise, but the story didn't carry itself out to it's full potential. It was mildly entertaining to see Billy Bob Thornton and his buddies struggle to keep the supposed secret of their bosses' murder under wraps while secretly running the marijuana empire, but there was much room for more twists. I liked how it involved the interests of the California growers versus the mob, it brought a somewhat cultural viewpoint to the film. Overall a decent film, but quite average.

Andrew W (gb) wrote: The truth is more important than the facts...Tedious at times, but worth watching just for the stories about FLW's flair and extravagant personal affairs - and you may learn a little something about architecture.

Kelly K (ag) wrote: I've been meaning to watch this film for quite some time and now that I have, I see what all the hype is about. 'Soul Food' is about one family's struggle and the healing effects of good ole' soul food for Sunday dinner.


Matt M (jp) wrote: In Calcutta in the last decade of the nineteenth century, a wealthy man neglects his bored housewife due to his passion for his political newspaper; as a result she draws nearer to his brother in law who encourages her to write. Ray's own brand of family drama is a wonderfully gripping one also because of his ability of building up and atmosphere filled with drama and tension. The style is poetic and sophisticated and the underlying hints at poetry and art make this much more than a pretty film to look at, but a great film experience.

Nikolas G (jp) wrote: second part of the epic film...unfortunately Stalin had a deep culture ......

Art S (ru) wrote: That nagging feeling that I'd seen this before didn't show up until very near the end of Witness for the Prosecution and I can't genuinely be sure that it wasn't because Billy Wilder purposefully tipped his hand about the final plot twists yet to come. You see, this is one of those famous films that you are not supposed to talk about - but, you see, I'd forgotten that and probably you should too. Charles Laughton is a famous barrister who has just suffered a heart attack but is lured back to the courtroom to defend Tyrone Power (in his last film role) who is accused of murder and confronting a damning amount of circumstantial evidence. Marlene Dietrich plays his wife - the witness for the prosecution - who throws a monkey-wrench into the defense. Laughton, Power, and Dietrich play to their strengths and the result is nothing less than gripping. Even if you may have seen it before.

Ardiansyah B (gb) wrote: Very funny in dark kind of way. Reminds me of Shoot Em Up movie.

Anwar A (nl) wrote: If I wanted to watch porn I would go to a porn site...

John Y (mx) wrote: The worst of the Herbie movies, but still a childhood favorite.