Schtonk! is a farce of the actual events of 1983, when Germany's Stern magazine published, with great fanfare, 60 volumes of the alleged diaries of Adolf Hitler – which two weeks later turned out to be entirely fake. Fritz Knobel (based on real-life forger Konrad Kujau) supports himself by faking and selling Nazi memorabilia. When Knobel writes and sells a volume of Hitler's (nonexistent) diaries, he thinks it's just another job. When sleazy journalist Hermann Willié learns of the diaries, however, he quickly realizes their potential value... and Knobel is quickly in over his head. As the pressure builds and Knobel is forced to deliver more and more volumes of the fake diaries, he finds himself acting increasingly like the man whose life he is rewriting. The film is a romping and hilarious satire, poking fun not only at the events and characters involved in the hoax (who are only thinly disguised in the film), but at the discomfort Germany has with its difficult past.

Fritz is a falsifier drawing a picture of Eva Braun, the girlfriend of Adolf Hitler. He meets Hermann and tells him about some Nazi- material he knows about. Herrmann, working for a great ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin H (au) wrote: I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

Andrew C (mx) wrote: Pretty cool KungFu movie with Steam Punk elements in it. I'm curious to see how the story evolves, I believe this is supposed to be a trilogy about to watch the second one "Tai Chi Hero" now.

Lucas Lima B (br) wrote: Boa Atuao De Gary Daniels,Filme De Ao Eficiente.

Rakesh M (us) wrote: Disappointed... considering the original I was expecting it to be a grade higher or at-least a match to its previous installment.

John E (ag) wrote: To me it seems like this movie is trying to be 2 things, an intellectual thriller and a martial arts flick, unfortunately it fails on both counts. there is very little in the form of character development and the movie just takes on way too much with very little panache or cohesion. Despite the intention of delivering a strong message in honor and the code of a warrior, it comes off cheesy and clumsy, too much for my liking. If the martial arts is good, I can forgive a poor story, if the story is good, I can forgive poor martial arts. Unfortunately both are below average, the film starts out so humble and weirdly familiar but all of a sudden the story becomes complicated, unnecessarily so and the there is ridiculous plot point after ridiculous plot point and in the finish, the triumph of the lead, seems very insignificant. Very disappointing, I was expecting some good clean BJJ, instead there are a word of problems which don't get solved and a concluding fight which means nothing. None the less, the ideal and pure idea was appealing to me and ignoring all the rubbish in the film, It was still watchable, if only for the unwavering integrity of the Chiwetel Ejiofor's character.

Sohrab H (es) wrote: great to see it from the kid's point of view. had some parts with slow pacing that drove me nuts though.

Suan W (us) wrote: This is the most horrible movie I think I've seen despite the fact that they got Kevin Costner and Demi Moore to act in it. Costner's performance was on and off, and Demi seemed like she'd rather have been anywhere else. The story line is creepy to begin with, and it's presentation is confusing and meanders A LOT! The creators seemed like they couldn't figure out how much they wanted to reveal, and kept changing their mind as they went along. There was only implied violence, and then when they finally decided to show the audience some, it was more extreme than necessary, especially when they hadn't shown any so far. As far as thrillers go, this was just unsettling and certainly not worth it.

Marco F (jp) wrote: An awful film- almost no one emerges intact from it.

Ces B (kr) wrote: nunca pens que me gustara. pero hasta risa me di. el dude es bien sweetie pie y medio cool para ser japanese.

Jill R (ag) wrote: A Hillarious over the top laugh fest which has heart a terrific comedy with two like able and very funny leads put it this easy if you love comedies you wil love this film this does have its flaws but with most of all greatness I Defintley recommend this movie Grade B+

Dena S (gb) wrote: watched this movie purely because i liked most of the actors and i found myself enjoying it!

Jerry A (nl) wrote: hilarious movie..has the feeling of being really old though..but it aint..n its gooodd

Cory H (gb) wrote: Work of art for any teenage KISS fan or any KISS fan for that matter. Very entertaining movie start to finish. Each character is played well and most scenes are fun in their own state. A great movie to watch countless times.

Kevin C (ca) wrote: if this is the movie am thinking of,it is soo much better than the Wild Geese. The Wilbur Smith book is incredible!I wonder what kind of books will be written about the exploits of current mercenaries in the Middle east now...Of course when they are unclassified(2071)

Chris J (jp) wrote: Good insight into the battle for Malta - having been to the island a couple of years back, it was great to finally see the film.

Richard G (ru) wrote: Made in 1935,Dr.Glendon (Henry Hull) is bitten by a werewolf while in Tibet,he comes back to London and on a full moon turns into a werewolf and terrorises the streets of London,this came 6 Years before Universal's 'The Wolf Man' and is kind of a forerunner to it,but it resembles Dr.Jekyll+Mr.Hyde more than anything,i think this film's quite under rated,its deffinetly better than the average B Movie and although its not a Classic its very entertaining,such a shame people dont think its that memorable as it is a good film.

Dillon L (gb) wrote: some funny parts but very boring

Daniel L (au) wrote: I'll probably forget it but it was really enjoyable when I saw it.