Schuks! Your Country Needs You

Schuks! Your Country Needs You

Leon Schuster (Schuks) returns to prank unsuspecting South Africans. Helping him round up everyday victims are Rob van Vuuren, Lare Brink, and all-time favourite Alfred Ntombela.

The eight entry in the popular South African candid camera series where Leon Schuster as the titular Skuks, Rob van Vuuren, Lare Birk, and Alfred Ntombela prank unsuspecting everyday South Africans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (gb) wrote: I Think The Critics Were Far Too Harsh On This One. It Was A Surprising Bunch Of Fresh Faces Doing A Good Story, With The Town Pool As A Set-Piece Character Everyones Lives Revolve Around. The Focus On The Sexual Liason Story Loses Steam (Literally) Very Quickly & A Lack Of Cleat Focus On Other Characters Stories Leads To Mismatched Plot-Points & A Rather Muddled Outcome...But As Is Said, It's Not Absolutely Terrible Performances, So It's Not All Bad.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: An incredibly absorbing and thought-provoking film that takes us in a mind-boggling journey with a character that drifts from one role to the next in many puzzling rendezvous and identities - a narrative experiment that proves to be fascinating and surprisingly moving.

Ms A (es) wrote: Disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

Shaeda M (us) wrote: I like it a lot especially how all the stories come together in a logical way. Good characters, good intrigue... Nicholas Tse <3

Aleshia H (ag) wrote: Grandiose. My boyfriend got me this movie for my birthday and it's SO GREAT. "And that is why our album is better." Crazy kids! Although the parts where they had celebrities reciting lyrics was a bit lame.

roy f (nl) wrote: good funny film but could have been better but still worth a watch.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Zoolander is directed and co-written by Ben Stiller, and it stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Farrell, Jerry Stiller, and Christine Taylor in a comedy about male model who's not quite bright in the head, and he works with Mugatu (Will Farrell) so he can build a education place for children, but it turns out, Mugatu actually want Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I'm a fan of Ben Stiller's directorial works like Tropic Thunder and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and it's no doubt that in order to watch Zoolander 2, I need to see the first one to get a glimpse of what the sequel has to offer, and so for this, I actually enjoy how dumb this movie is. Seeing Ben Stiller act stupid in this is pretty funny to see, and it makes me understand in a weird way that I know where his heart is, even if his brain is somewhere in that head of his character. Owen Wilson is great as the main character's rival, and Will Farrell as the villain is hilarious to watch as he's the only one that sees what people aren't about Zoolander. The humor is good in here that is basically a satire in fashion like the Victoria Secret walk of fame and VH1 of fashion shows. It's not as hilarious as it wants to be, and there are some moments where I think is too dumb and awkward. Zoolander is a great film that I'm not sure what the sequel is going to bring, and with the ratings that it has, it's something that's probably worrisome.

Hikaru I (gb) wrote: Whatever happened to Lt. Marine, is he still a vampire wandering about the city? I understand everyone was busy but killing off most of the previous cast in a car accident? How convenient. The ending is a little too pat for me, now that I was happy to see Radu go though. He got damn ugly in this film.

Michael O (ag) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen! Hands down...

Michael S (fr) wrote: Abbas is a filmaker I'd read about many times before ever seeing one of his films. This is the first movie of his I've seen so I can't exactly comment on him as a whole yet, but from what I understand he is very much a challenger of film convention. That is certainly confirmed after watch Taste of Cherry, a film that I both liked and didn't like for very distinct reasons. For one thing I don't think film was exactly the right format for telling this story. Abbas is almost stubbornly minimalist as scenes go in the same basic order until the ending. Mr Badii drives around, picks someone up. the two men converse and he explains his plain to commit suicide. He does this multiple time until someone agrees. I think that as a film it sort of fails to bring any kind of entertainment or even much to think about in terms of themes or overall messages. I think the story might be better served simply as a written short story or maybe even a short film, It could even work well as a stage play. It's a movie for hardcore film analysts so I'd never recommend it to a casual audience. I think Roger Ebert had the best summation of the movie in the review for one of Abbas's other films "10". "The fatal flaw in his approach is that no ordinary moviegoer, whether Iranian or American, can be expected to relate to his films. They exist for film festivals, film critics and film classes."

Sarah G (au) wrote: I fogot all about this. Watched it when it first came out and it was brilliant, could have been far better with great cast. Marc Warren didn't really suit the role and it just became laughable towards the end. When downhill once Rafe Spall's character was killed off...

Cole M (us) wrote: It's the best movie about a horse that gives stock market advice that you could have possibly asked for.

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