Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

Scooby and the gang investigate aliens sightings in small desert town.

A cosmic case of UFOs, intergalactic intrigue and out-of-this-world romance launches Scooby, Shaggy and the Mystery, Inc. kids into their most unearthly adventure ever! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders torrent reviews

James B (mx) wrote: this was better than I thought it would be

Super K (es) wrote: This is a really eotional movie. Danny Glover gives his usual great performace.

Jake M (es) wrote: This movie would have been viewed as an animated classic today if it hadn't turned into a never ending franchise a couple years later. It's already a good stand-alone movie to begin with. The characters are well developed, the animation is good (for back then anyway), it's funny, and it's emotional when it's supposed to be. My only problem is this: what is the point of Scrat? He has nothing to do with the story whatsoever and he's not the comedy relief; that's Sid's job. But overall, this is still a fun stand-alone animated film.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Quick Change is a funny, smart, and different kind of heist movie. Being that it was written by both Franklin and Murray, the script is chick full of hilarious dialogue, clever remarks about NY, and characters who seem burned out yet still determined to complete their goal. The film is also supported by awesome performances from its cast, especially Murray as a smart-ass robber who really hates NY, and Robards as a cop who wants to end his career with a big final bust.

Marc G (de) wrote: It has Emperor Palpatine in it.

Michael L (fr) wrote: The superlative immigration movie; covers each stage of the journey with great insight, from the trouble at home, to the border crossing, and life in the north. Boosted tremendously by two wholly sympathetic and optimistic leads.

Jonathan G (it) wrote: Home Alone.... for grown ups? Well, that was almost no fun at all... but still superb. I found the film compelling but really hard to watch. Hoffman is really terrific as always, and it made me hope that he makes some more films worthy of him soon. Susan George was irresistible, but that rape scene was deeply disturbing. I'm not sure if Peckinpah likes people or not, as almost no one is likable. For some reason I thought Straw Dogs was a western, probably because Peckinpah was the director... but in effect, it was. A great cast, but Warner was a little wasted, and it took me a moment to realise the Vicar was the writer of Chariots of Fire. A great film but I think I need to watch Happy Feet or something to cleanse myself.

Sean L (kr) wrote: '...your not lonely, your empty and that's worse.'

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Good disaster film, Deserves more credit, Nice plot and very entertaining from start to finish.