Scooby-Doo's Creepiest Capers

Scooby-Doo's Creepiest Capers

This features: Go Away Ghost Ship, Hassle in the Castle, The Haunted House Hang-Up and A Night of Fright Is No Delight

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Scooby-Doo's Creepiest Capers torrent reviews

Carla H (gb) wrote: This would not have been as affective if it were shot in colour.

Poe C (jp) wrote: Has one of the best filmed argument scenes since 'My Cousin Vinny'.

Andrew U (mx) wrote: It's highly implausible and filled with dull dialogue, but you have to admire its sleek and fresh adaptation of a typical prison break movie. Are Stallone and Schwarzenegger at their best? Hell no. But speaking of acting, it is a lot of fun seeing Jim Caviezel antagonize these heavyweights as the prison's eccentric warden. Great popcorn fun.

Kyle G (mx) wrote: Absolute delight to watch with quirky directing.

Kilo D (mx) wrote: A forgotten gem, "Five Corners" is nostalgic but not sappy and/or sentimental, its characters are rich and memorable. And the performances . . . where does one start? John Turturro giving a masterful performance as an unpredictable, complicated and somewhat likeable villain and then there's the bombshell Tomei, the emotionally-charged performance from Tim Robbins--and there's Jodie Foster who is the weakest link. The directing is surprising and is aided by a spotty but sensational script, lavish cinematography, set and costume design that stick in one's memory bank for a long while.

Ariel V (es) wrote: Enjoyed it, but the "men in black" were way too overacted, so it felt like a joke whenever they were in a scene.

Joey I (ag) wrote: Not the best movie or the most movie and Tod Browning's Freaks will always triumph over any movie that involve "freaks". I can recommend this if you're a fan of Tom Baker or Donald Pleasence and are interested in checking out their pre-Doctor Who or pre-Halloween work. Otherwise you can just skip it.

Andy P (kr) wrote: A funny and relatable tale of a young man suffocating in the confines of social expectations and conformity in blue collar Britain with an endearing performance from Tom Courtenay and some humorous and inventive visualizations of Billy's wildest imaginings.

Michael D (ca) wrote: A weird and campy horror flick. There's something missing, though... humor? action? or just something truly creative and memorable, because THEN it would have been a perfect candidate for cult movie status.

Jerrod G (it) wrote: Irving Berlin's music is genius! I genuinely enjoyed this movie. And, after completing 6 months of Army training last year, I can completely understand the song, "Oh, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning." Too true. The only thing that got me was the abundance of men dressed up as women --- odd. Overall, it's a great movie. Highly recommended!

Andr D (br) wrote: Mel Brooks aborda el gnero de la ciencia ficcin con "Spaceballs", prcticamente una parodia a "Star Wars", con pequeas (pero efectivas) referencias a "Alien" o "Planet of the Apes". Rick Moranis es muy divertido como el villano Dark Helmut, John Candy es simptico como"Barf" el perro humano sidekick del hroe y el mismo Mel Brooks interpreta dos personajes: el malvado presidente Skroob y el mentor Yogurt. Los fanticos de la comedia de Mel Brooks y los fanticos de "Star Wars" se van a divertir mucho.

Alejandro D (us) wrote: I really love this movie. But it's a pretty terrible movie :p it's a fun movie though.