Scrambled Beer

Scrambled Beer

After moving into a new house with his friend, Vladimir starts to notice that he awakes every day in a different week as if he has traveled trough time. Could it be the popular local drink -- beer with eggs?

Scrambled Beer is a delirious black comedy telling the story of Vladimir and George, two best friends who move in together. Vladimir lives a supernatural life of time travel while Jorge ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles K B (br) wrote: Not bad..... I was pleasantly surprised. The story was pretty good as well. Can't wait for the next one.

WS W (nl) wrote: It's all about PENIS.

Becky B (it) wrote: It's not that this movie was extremely bad. It had just too many effects! It's crazy! All that glitter and pink...just too much. Barbie movies used to be so good, with their minimal 'glitterizing' and lovely classical music and heart-warming themes. It's gone too 'modern'. Iphones...talking about It was appauling, I was not impressed and will never see againIf you you grew up with the original barbie films like 'Swan Lake', it's painful to watch. It's gone really shallow and far too modern for my liking

Chris G (es) wrote: An attempt at a sex comedy. It doesn't work so well for me.

Gabe A (jp) wrote: A bit of a downer, but a worthwhile documentary to see if you are interested in the story of everyday Chinese people struggling and striving to survive in their modern times.

Park Yan L (fr) wrote: I am crazy over Chinese Kungfu Flicks

Adam E (it) wrote: While some people dislike documentaries that are only of people telling stories, " Talking Heads" Documentaries as they are called, none can deny the heart wrenching story being told. Crushing is to put it lightly.

Ava R (ag) wrote: Not even Denzel's New York accent could ruin this film. I just hate how it turned Steve Biko's story into yet another story of the saviour white man. It needed more Biko. It didnt flesh him out at all, the white man however got fleshed out, changed, etc It felt like they used his story and the real hero who risked it all became a backdrop of a white man who just happened to be in the right place and had a little good sense. Great performances and I enjoyed it despite the usual hollywood spin on race stories.


Scott K (gb) wrote: Very well done. Decent comedy, but it really shires as it twists against the cliches that every western follows.

madeleine p (gb) wrote: i actually laughed out loud multiple times during this movie. it created in me a burning desire for mene in short green pants.

Suy P (gb) wrote: If you can put your "Laura" expectations aside, you'll enjoy this little noir thriller. Radiant Gene Tierney stars as the wife of a psychoanalyst who falls into the clutches of a hypnotist when he learns of her propensity for shoplifting. Rosemary Clooney's husband, Jose Ferrer, stars as the scheming hypnotist, and look for Scarlett O'Hara's mother (Barbara O'Neil) as one of his victims. Tierney is beautiful and vulnerable in her fab Oleg Cassini wardrobe. Not a masterpiece, but enjoyable.

Lisa R (jp) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this and was moved by it. Rather formulaic in parts and I had some issues with the male love interest character (i.e it was ludicrous that they were together at all), but it still felt like an original and necessary Australian story to tell. It also features what I think is an important queer sub-plot. I hope it gets a wider release in Australia soon.