Set within Chicago’s labyrinth of alleyways, Scrappers is a cinema verite portrait of Otis and Oscar, two scrap metal scavengers searching for a living with brains, brawn and battered pickup trucks. The film shows how globalization, the 2008 financial crisis, crackdowns on undocumented immigrants and widespread scrap metal theft effect these men and their families.

Set within Chicago's labyrinth of alleyways, Scrappers is a cinema verite portrait of Otis and Oscar, two scrap metal scavengers searching for a living with brains, brawn and battered ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (br) wrote: This is an incredibly chilling and well put together film. It's very well cast with the children who play Kevin at various ages each playing their part perfectly. Tilda Swinton really fulfils her role as the distraught mother having to deal with a disturbed child. By far one of the best thrillers I've seen in recent years. It's a film that really plays on your mind, which I think was the directors intention.

Joe H (ca) wrote: Ridiculous premise, despite its B movie grounding and its a who's not who of failed actors. Its the cinematic equivalent of Newcastle or West Ham - a graveyard.Give this a miss unless you really want to see every monster movie about.

Scott A (fr) wrote: A beautiful affirming movie- do yourself a favor and watch it

May N (us) wrote: It's not really on 'GO', it's about the life struggle of the 'master', leading to a reflection on 'identity crisis'. Just one thing, this film is not for entertainment for sure. The lighting of whole film is dim and in cold tone, so if you're not prepared for deep-thinking, probably you're prone to fall asleep... XD

Chilligrill B (nl) wrote: very good movie I like it.

Duncan B (jp) wrote: i actually enjoyed the first black mask, super soldier movies ar ok if they have kung fu. However, anything the first had going for it, this film was missing. this was more like power rangers than a movie. (i might have liked bits of it i just cant think of any yet.)

Joseph K (nl) wrote: A bad movie that ignores historical accuracy for plot convenience, and doesn't even seem to try to get you emotionally involved with the story.

Barry B (es) wrote: This is an awesome movie, period. The story is absolute nonsense but lets face it, thats not what we are interested in! Action is what we like and Michael Dudikoff and Steve James deliver in bucketloads against a group of racist businessmen who's favourite pastime is hunting humans in their remote swampland island. Fantastic stuff!

Van W (de) wrote: Works well as a smartly and tightly scripted generic chase film with little substance. The climax is deftly handled with no extraneous dialogue, just the glances of the actors. Lellouche puts in a winning performance as the average Joe, or Samuel, in the case.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Another month another straight to DVD JCVD action flick, well almost. Quality wise JCVD's action fodder is slightly better than his other fellow aging action stars like Dolph and Seagal but its still all the same stuff really.This time JC is an ex-merc who helps the police in finding missing people or mainly kids. Expect the usual fudge ups and self loathing as JCVD's character goes from bottom of the barrel to back on form and saving the day, typical emotional rollercoaster drama.Not much martial arts to be seen here, this is more of a kidnap rescue type thing, JC in military mode with stealth and plenty of gunfire. Predictable and has all the regular cliches that have been seen/used before in tonnes of similar films, but comparing to other straight to DVD JCVD films its not too bad.

Antwan J J (ru) wrote: Real gritty and very true to life both drug dealers and cops are trying to make that paper , good cops don't always stay good cops i loved the 3 cop characters seemed like they all were trying to make ends meet just another day in the life of Brooklyn's finest overall it's a pretty good film nice story kudos to the cast and director

Matthew I (au) wrote: After mixed reviews with Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp provides Disney with a return to greatness. This film was the most beautifully animated film to date and also provided another classic scene, the Spaghetti Scene. Shooting this film in Widescreen instead of Pan-and-Scan was a very smart decision and made the scenery even more beautiful.

DeJon D (ag) wrote: The Penguins of Madagascar is a wonderful spin-off to the Madagascar franchise. It gives us new and unique, unfamiliar characters that bring humor to the plot that families will love and laugh to.

John W (gb) wrote: Disappointing with good actor in weak screenplay