Scrat's Continental Crack-Up

Scrat's Continental Crack-Up

You may think you know the history of continental drift, but forget all that. In pursuit of his most sought after possession, Scrat manges to singled-handedly alter the course of Earth’s history.

You may think you know the history of continental drift, but forget all that. In pursuit of his most sought after possession, Scrat manges to singled-handedly alter the course of Earth’s history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Btch T (br) wrote: South Koreans have that ability to put Ian Fleming's/John le Carre's/Tom Clancy's/Robert Ludlum's work on a single film.

frank c (kr) wrote: Is Alex Gibney the godfather of the documentary in the 21st century? As I work my back in time through film, I can't help but see the trends of how documentaries are crafted. This is no clearer than in the similarities found between the Enron collapse and the financial crisis of 2008. While The Smartest Guys in the Room is the preeminent retelling of the collapse of this energy colossus, there have been dozens of films, fictional and non-fictional, on the Great Recession. How many of those would have been made if not for Gibney? The search for the human failures - in this case Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay - behind all the financial and business red tape is what elevates such a documentary to beyond a simple encyclopedia entry, and that is why Gibney has been so successful in his craft.

Kurt S (ca) wrote: I love it when writers produce characters whose actions, morals and life philosophies span an entire spectrum in 90 mins. At one of the end spectrum, Tsotsi is not the sort of guy you'd want a close female relative to introduce as a boyfriend: he's a nasty piece of work, but the writer portrays the other end of the spectrum, his emotional vulnerabilities, so well that you can't help but be concerned for his well-being by the end of the film.If you've not seen this it's worth a watch.

Tim M (fr) wrote: I have always had a soft spot for this movie and find it completely underrated. I do find Kelly Preston slightly annoying and I do wish there was maybe one love story scene replaced with another game scene, but overall it's a quality baseball movie in a world without enough baseball movies and it still chokes me up every time.

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography (courtesy of Robert Richardson) doesn't hide the fact that the story is weak and dull.

Aurora T (nl) wrote: Ridiculous, not scary in the least, but funny.

Michael R (de) wrote: Roger Moore takes over as super spy James Bond. While Moore doesn't possess the grit and charm of Connery, he does an admirable job of giving us his version of 007. Throw the beautiful Jane Seymour's Solitaire into the mix and Live and Let Die manages to "live" instead of "die".

Miguel A (ca) wrote: Em menos de duas horas, "The Outfit" consegue a sntese de uma boa parte do cinema de aco norte-americano: aqui a justia s acontece de facto recorrendo a armas, h um baro mau como tudo que mede foras com um tipo que tambm no flor que se cheire e a verdadeira confiana s mesmo merecida pelo mais fiel buddy (e haver por acaso amigalhao mais fivel que Joe Don Baker?). Ao situar-se um pouco por toda a parte da Califrnia, "The Outfit" recai naturalmente para aquele gnero de filme em que toda a gente anda a preparar uma armadilha para algum. No h maior pntano de traies que a Califrnia. "The Outfit" insere-se portanto numa srie de tradies que lhe condicionam os movimentos na tarefa de contar uma histria de pura vingana (o sapatinho indicado para um realizador - John Flynn - que aposta geralmente na fora bruta em vez da subtileza). Tudo isto contribui para um filme-bulldozer incapaz de fazer marcha-atrs, embora dotado de um elenco que representar puro gozo para quem aprecie filmes de aco desta dura temporada.

Paul C (de) wrote: Excellent little thriller from Hammer

Zachary B (us) wrote: A classic fast paced gangster flick. Lawrence Tierney was dynamic as Dillinger... an amazing first role.

Tonibill K (es) wrote: 5 stars! It could not have gone any better. Detailed events, no left out plots and emotionally satisfying.

bat u (ru) wrote: more like birth canal no but it's good