It has been two years since unsuccessful cartoonist Tsube started to live with Kuniko casually in a small apartment.

It has been two years since unsuccessful cartoonist, Tsube (Asano), started to live with Kuniko (Fujitani) casually in a small apartment. They are in the depths of poverty and can no longer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill R (ca) wrote: Ok I know this isn't great but I had a ton of fun with this movie sure it had a outrageously dumb premise but I enjoyed it it had funny moments it had very stupid moments a dimwitted enjoyable comedy you have to turn your brain off to enjoy pure harmless fun a definition of a guilty pleasureGrade B-

jesusjj2 (es) wrote: A amazing movie I loved it and I really am not gonna lie I love the whole she is in danger aspect to the movie

Gogoulini B (ca) wrote: It was an amazing movie, with a well-chosen cast full of adrenaline! I would definately recommend it to every teen.

BJ P (it) wrote: f**kin crazy... u dnt need 2 watch...

Jeyaraman S (ca) wrote: This film is so stupid.

Nathan N (nl) wrote: If you have a sardonic enough sense of humor it's quite funny. What should have been frank but earnest is another huge, trashy and campy TV movie for Lifetime.

Chris W (es) wrote: "He sat there for 2 hours 'til he got a STIFF DICK..." Oh Stevie, when will you learn?

Samantha L (ca) wrote: It pretty much sucked. It was really weird. Simple ending though. In the beginning Justine created Jake unknowingly. Jake happens to have Justine's mind/soul. But towards the middle you find out Justine is Justine but Jake is Justine on the inside. So there's 2 of them. So that's the confusing part.The annoying part was the ending, it was weird. She had to recreate him completely and then delete him. Now that would make more sense to me if he was already saved into the program and then deleting him. But no she had to recreate him and then delete him. To me that doesn't make as much sense. But anyway, in the end Justine ends up with Chas.Another annoying thing was that they were all British so the accent annoyed me. Cannot stand British accents. So there were a lot of things I didn't understand along with their slang which was kind of funny.But other than, lame movie.

Godsif S (nl) wrote: Holy shit this movie is underrated, cult classic to the core

Philip S (de) wrote: Frantic dialogue. The newspaper editor played himself!