Se min kjole

Se min kjole

Four dysfunctional teenage girls steal a car and elope from the institution where they live. They go on a road trip across Denmark, confronting ghosts of the past and settling old accounts as their dark secrets are revealed.

Four girls in rehab is on tour from their treatment centers and it becomes their life stories. The girls run off in a stolen Volvo and soon learns to know the freedom of good and evil. Both the fantastic feeling to be master of its own destiny, but also the heavy feeling of responsibility when you have to figure out what to do with his life. Before long, the girls learn that they can not continue . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ingo V (gb) wrote: I'm afraid we have to admit that this is a good movie. Not a masterpiece, but a good film.

Tina B (br) wrote: Good, slow movie. Liked the understanding of being isolated.

Jay W (it) wrote: Americans risking and sometimes giving there lives so some may disagree

Dan N (nl) wrote: Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker - 2 of the most annoying characters to every grace the big screen.

Megan S (au) wrote: I mean it was good enough for a movie to watch on TV in the middle of the night. I did get fooled by the ending, no matter how implausible it was. I kept thinking I had it figured out but then thinking that was too obvious so I'd think something else but I never did get it right.

Matt H (ca) wrote: I'm surprised with the general acclaim with this one, it doesn't even work as a standard biopic. There's just not really that much there for a guy who had a few hits and died at 19.

WS W (ag) wrote: The one & only HK film Brandon Lee was in.

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Brett S (mx) wrote: A true british classic, a brilliantly scripted satire about unions vs. management.Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael and Terry Thomas are superb.A must.

Westleigh Q (kr) wrote: Disappointing Superman cartoon. They tried to be cool, edgy and modern, but still cater to a very young audience. The result is just an odd movie that trys to get a message across but ends up saying nothing.

Jay L (ca) wrote: "The ultimate weapons of the future have just declared war... On each other." A solid action-packed showdown throughout, the original that spawn many sequels and created a sizeable cult following. Director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, 10,000 B.C., The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) went on to craft epic big budget blockbusters later in his career, Universal Soldier started it all. A science fiction actioned that pumps out rock solid action entertainment throughout. Enjoyable enough, but I was left thinking this could have been so much more. Jean Claude Van Damme stars and delivers his usual emotionless, stone faced performance that we are all used to from him, I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of JCVD, but he was effective throughout. Dolphin Lundgren plays a decent villain, not a huge Dolphin Lundgren fan either, but no need with him in this film.

Zoran S (kr) wrote: This is an interesting and characteristically grim and unsentimental war film from Sam Fuller. It's not as strong as his other Korean War film from the same year, The Steel Helmet of which it shares much of the same cast, but it is well worth watching.