Two homicide detectives are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the "seven deadly sins" in this dark and haunting film that takes viewers from the tortured remains of one victim to the next. The seasoned Det. Sommerset researches each sin in an effort to get inside the killer's mind, while his novice partner, Mills, scoffs at his efforts to unravel the case.

Set in a hellish vision of a New York-like city, where it is always raining and the air crackles with impending death, the movie revolves around two homicide detectives' desperate hunt for a diabolical serial killer who is staging grisly murders, choosing victims representing the seven deadly sins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian O (gb) wrote: I laughed and laughed at all the sophomoric ridiculous humor. Shocking, right? So funny

Donald D (fr) wrote: Underrated thriller. Clever twist, tense, a few cheap scares, but mostly good ones. And the resolution is very well done. It doesn't reinvent the genre or anything, but it is a good addition. You do have to suspend your disbelief a bit more than is reasonable for certain aspects to make sense.

Dawn P (it) wrote: Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

ray r (ag) wrote: They should change the name of this movie from Baggage Claim to Bag of Shit. What a fucking terrible movie. The lead female character in it is the most annoying fucktard in the World. Constantly whinging about how she is single. "oh Im soo pretty" "why am I still single" "oh my diamond shoes are too tight" waah waaaah Get over it you fucking knobface, try having face cancer for a week and then come back and whinge about been single you spastic and also why are all the female characters in this movie basically horndogs on heat especially the fat one with the humongous baps !!! She is one step away from rubbing herself off the furniture in the scenes. All the male characters are fucking arrogant gobshites too.. Seriously no children (especially girls) should be allowed to watch this movie in case they think its ok to grow up and become a giant douchebag. Also this movie was described as a comedy ???? WTF when was it meant to be funny??? WHEN???? The only way this movie wouldve been good wouldve been if in the first scene when theyre on the plane that the plane suddenly got hijacked and the hijackers stabbed the lead character in the neck and shot the fat whorey girl and then flew the plane into a building with all the other characters in it.... The actress is so fuckin annoying and she is so so shit at acting -she has lovely tits though- and all the other actors are fucking crap too although everyone has lovely teeth... Anyway its embarrassing how fucking terrible this movie is and I cant believe 50% of the audience like it.... They must be fucking retards.

Reinaldo U (ag) wrote: Great... Suspenso y muy buena historia...

Connor G (br) wrote: The music was very fun, but the character of Hedwig made it worth watching. Excellent overall.

Shawn M (jp) wrote: AMAZING!!!!! One of my all time favourites. Highly Recommended !!

Cj O (es) wrote: Bad adaptation with suttle yet unrealistic humor. How many comedic film remakes of TV shows that weren't even comedies will there be?

Lucas M (it) wrote: A surrealist portrait, characters lost and visually innovative, a ride to a psychdelic, coloful and Las Vegas from Hunter S. Thompson. Fear and Loathing is great. Fresh.

Mette S (ru) wrote: Totaly hilarious. The cute kid (Andy) from Family Ties took a career leap into the dark genre of serial killer movies. Fortunately, with not so clever grown-ups.

Pasha A (de) wrote: Intimate, Simple and Expressive. Like this Dialogue:"One guy's color dries, another guy's wound dries."

Bang Bang R (it) wrote: Best funny shit... Lol

Roger A (kr) wrote: It could be a disaster if it had dialogues!!!I love this film.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Very loosely adapted from the hit Broadway show, Cabaret follows a prim English student (Michael York) and an energetic stage performer (Liza Minnelli) as they chase fortune, romance, and dreams in Weimar-era Germany. Director Bob Fosse skillfully uses this film's backdrop of ascending Nazi prominence to highlight the pitfalls facing Jews, the LGBTQ community, and every other facet of theater culture that's vulnerable to racist fascism. What really sells this movie, however, are the invested performances from York and Minnelli. The Cabaret movie is very much a product of its time, but it still brings enough charm to be of interest to social historians and casual musical fans alike.

Sean C (fr) wrote: I've always liked the old anthology horror films. This one turned out to be quite good. It was directed by Freddie Francis who directed some of the best Hammer horror films and was written by Robert Bloch who wrote the novel of Psycho. There are some good performances here especially Jack Palance as a really manic collector of the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Akramul i (jp) wrote: "Mr Kane was a man who had everything, maybe Rosebud was something he lost or couldn't get". That's right!He was a humble man, he was a King, he was a thatchiest, he was a thinker, he was an asshole - but an American. Charles Foster Kane was a future president to the public and an arrogant man to those closest to him, yet despite that he was a man we all could admire and feel sorry for. All he wanted in the end... was just to go back to who he once was, a boy and his snow sled.

Roy S (jp) wrote: Another great movie by John Ford, and another great movie from 1939. How he made this, and Stagecoach, and Young Mr. Lincoln in the same year is amazing, as is the fact that so few films have been made about the American Revolution.

Jesse C (ca) wrote: 30 Days of Night, imo, is one of the best modern vampire movies (I say modern, but the film's almost 10 years old lol). The vampires aren't overly angsty, just pure, instinct driven, monsters.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: It sucked just as much as the remake! Human Torch was a pain in the gut! This piece of s**t was poorly done.

shelly b (us) wrote: while it was in no way shocking when it came to who done it or why (It was explained right at the beginning) it was still a good, enjoyable example of an 80's horror flick.