Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Bill Savage is struggling to maintain his marriage to his increasingly unbalanced wife, Myra, who believes she is a medium. She plans a scheme that will make her famous, involving kidnapping then "psychically" locating a little girl.

A psychic convinces her weak-willed husband to kidnap the child of a wealthy couple, so she can use her abilities to locate the child and thus achieve fame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Seance on a Wet Afternoon torrent reviews

Billie Jo M (br) wrote: One of my absolute favorite movies!

Todd F (ru) wrote: Awesome movie if you like historical "novel" kind of movies... I watched it twice in a week lol

Harpreet S (it) wrote: Not as great as Parajanov's Sayat Nova, but still a masterpiece! I loved how the dialogues are narrated, the beautiful Azarbaijani clothes, music, dances, costumes. Parajanov is a rare director, his visual style is extraordinary!

Frank S (de) wrote: Blev lite frvnde nr man sg Christian Bale och Christopher Lee, Bale knde jag inte igen utan sg det i eftertexten. Mest frvnad bliv jag nog eftersom att jag trodde filmen var svensk. Mste sga att det r en bra historia, mnga detaljer. Sjlva filmen knns inte alls B:ig fr att vara 20 r gammal.

John B (mx) wrote: While not matching the standards of the 1940 classic, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night is a decent piece of cinema that stands on it's own right.

Sonya D (it) wrote: One of my favorite christmas movies! I watch it every year.

Vince J (ag) wrote: heard good things yet to see it

Jack W (gb) wrote: I had never seen a Harold Lloyd film but I came away impressed. I don't think he is at the level of Chaplin and Keaton but he did have skill. The film has some good moments but in the end doesn't stack up to Keaton's College. I'm not sure if this was intended but the early intertitles for the film skewer American fascination with football and the role of college which to me is ironic in light of how much things haven't changed in 100 years.

Andrey B (kr) wrote: It's tough and extremely well-acted by Harvey Keitel.

Andrew S (jp) wrote: Not as funny as the first one

Raji K (au) wrote: Robert De Niro is a retired cop who stays active and has many friends in his community. He lives in a shady neighborhood that also houses druglords and drag queens which he despises. After a stroke he loses the right side of feeling in his body and his speech is effected. As a result he resorts to getting singing lessons from a drag queen living near him (Philip Seymour Hoffman). As the two form a friendship, they are amidst a drug scandal and some stolen money. Flawless was interesting in that it brings to light a part of New York that remains underground. Flawless was not a great movie, but it has decent performances and is original for sure.