Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky

In the beginning the Devil made a bet with God. The Devil backed Eve, God backed Adam. What would have happened to love and sex if Adam hadn't taken the bite?

There's a new wager between Heaven and Hell. Devil bets God that if God were to pick two young people to be the new Adam and Eve, they'd sin again. God accepts and sends a college couple to various eras, starting with the Garden of Eden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (ag) wrote: For a rental, this actually isn't very bad. HEEBIE JEEBIES offers some entertaining jump scenes that'll keep you hooked. While this film had so many problems and plot holes, it's still a fun way to spend a Saturday night with friends.

Eric M (us) wrote: This movie only gets 1 and a half stars for the awesome idea of chrome skull (who could have been the next big serial killer icon if handled correctly) & the extreme gore. Everything else is just so horrible that you can't even make fun of it because you're too busy face palming at how stupid the characters are, the acting is, the dialogue, the story, & much more. The ending is hilariously horrible.

Cameron M (us) wrote: Paranoid Park has some good ideas and portrays its teenage characters fairly accurately with a nice Indie feel to it but when the central plot point is such an underdeveloped McGuffin and all other surrounding actions in the film seem pointless, one has to wonder if the film had any real purpose.

Anna F (jp) wrote: Rtt kass film, men jag har sett nnu smre! Ett gng ger sig ut i skogen fr att skjuta paintball, men stter p ngot mrkligt.

Commandante M (de) wrote: Santa is here in your attic, look in the upstairs of your menta and the drawers will reveal a rat...Watch out reindeers

Sowmya S (it) wrote: Well the acting was very gud..specially of Preity Zinta

Nonya B (fr) wrote: I lasted only 20 min. Talk about bad acting!! In addition, even in those few minutes, it was easy to tell where the plot was headed. Ugh.

Kevin H (it) wrote: Complete misfire in every way. Even the cadaver phones in his performance.

Don S (ag) wrote: Call me unromantic, call me an ogre, call me what you will. I found this movie to be boring. I enjoyed that it takes place, beginning and ending a year later, at Christmas, only because it is that time of year now. De Niro and Streep are both very young. The story itself moves at an interminable pace. I didn't feel the chemistry between the two characters, Frank and Molly. I didn't see the connection, feel the attraction, however you want to put it. These are two unconnected characters who run into each other on a train after a chance meeting in a bookstore. What is the impetus for the relationship? Seeing their family life before the chance meeting, neither seems unsatisfied. Where did this come from? This is a movie in which NOTHING happens. A supposed deep seated love develops because they sneak around and have lunch several times a week? I can't fathom what the point of this movie is. That it is okay to have an affair, destroying two families in the process? Maybe I missed something, because I'm so confused my head hurts. I can only recommend this movie to either De Niro or Streep completists. You wrote this on 12/22/08.

Barbara C (kr) wrote: I went to see it at the movies with my friends (in Italy) when it first came out - we thought it was great! Wouldn't mind seeing it again, (not dubbed in Italian this time) - around the same time we went to see Warriors which I saw again on TV a couple of months ago.

Sierra W (jp) wrote: The actor who played Count Orlock gave a wonderfully creepy performance. I wish the film featured more of him.

Nolan F (fr) wrote: Sometimes convoluted, often sloppy, but a great idea met with great filming, acting, juxtaposition, and it feels genuinely uncomfortable. My largest complaint is I wish the characters were more likable.

Duncan K (jp) wrote: Stephen king should definitely stick to books.