Secret Places

Secret Places

Young girls, soon to be women, sharing everything...except their secret places.

Young girls, soon to be women, sharing everything...except their secret places. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Schoony S (es) wrote: I wish I took enough drugs to understand what Seijun Suzuki's movies are about

Niina D (ca) wrote: Quite a place that Black River Falls... Very interesting film. The traditional Finnish singing took me by surprise.

Geir F (nl) wrote: A really good, even-handed documentary (it only appears one-sided because the government refuses to present its side of the story, blaming "lost" evidence, etc) that'll have you seething and howling for justice at the end.

Paul M (es) wrote: the book is a really hard act to follow... it is a beautiful, interior work that is, inevitably, diminished by taking the plot to the screenthat being said, the film has fine acting... and the device of stitching together a range of stories to explain "where love dwells" is effective.if you are menopausal you will love this movie... the rest of us will be pleasantly entertained

Stephen C (ru) wrote: A flawed film in many ways ,but on the whole De Vitos epic retelling of the Jimmy Hoffa story has loads of rewards ,the biggest being Jack Nicholson as Teamster boss Jame R Hoffa.The script by David Mamet tends to come down on Hoffas side ,downplaying his shady dealings with the Mafia and bigging up his causes for the working man .This is most notable in the confrontations with Robert Kennedy who comes across as a whining brat rahter than a powerful politician. De Vito gives the film and grand edge and a nice part for himself as a composite Bobby Ciaro.But this is Nicholsons show all the way , he shows once again why he is one of the best actors of his generation and he keeps his Jack stuff underwraps and plays Hoffa as a Powerful and driven man.The Flaws ? well as i said the Mafia stuff is a touch foggy and thier are no strong females in the film ,and it does tend to cram too much in making you wonder what the timescale is.Ohter than that the film is solid stuff and the film deserves better than the mauling it got from some critical quarters.

Marta K (br) wrote: I haven't seen anything enclosed in a definition of a 'good movie' for a very long time. A great one to start one's (my) come-back to the cinema-lover role.

Anna D (ca) wrote: Disappointing Golan-Globus effort where Bronson plays a secret service agent protecting the high maintenance new first lady. More Nancy Reagan jokes would have been welcomed here.

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