Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons

Hamilton plays a young Russian girl recruited to be a sex spy, seducing men and catching them in compromising situations so they can be blackmailed. The problems start when she falls in love with one of her targets, and must figure out how to avoid the constant surveillance and defect.

Hamilton plays a young Russian girl recruited to be a sex spy, seducing men and catching them in compromising situations so they can be blackmailed. The problems start when she falls in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (ru) wrote: I seem to say this a lot in latter-day Jackie Chan movies, but it's almost sad to watch him in films like this simply based on the fact that he simply cannot do what he did when he was a younger man. One of the sadder elements of this is watching the outtakes that they always show post-credits. And I say that because you get to see Jackie harmed by stuff that he would have brushed off in the 80s. That's not a criticism of Jackie at all, it's just that age catches up to everyone, even people that earlier in their careers might have seemed invincible. Jackie still remains a complete and utter legend, his legacy has already been established and he doesn't need to take any more unnecessary risks at his age. A lot of the latter day Jackie movies have relied more on his name and his considerable charm more than anything else. There's still action, but that's not necessarily the entire focus on the film. And this one is no different. Jackie is obviously not the world's greatest actor, though I think he's better than many people give him credit for, but he's always had a very affable personality and people are drawn to him because of that. Maybe not so much now that he hasn't had a major box office success, at least on this side of the world, since Rush Hour 3 and even that movie wasn't that hugely successful. This obviously isn't counting his work in films like Kung Fu Panda, which he is a relative small part of. I digress, this movie relies on the formula set forth by Rush Hour and Shanghai Knights/Noon. You have Jackie, who always plays the idealistic and honorable type, against someone who's the exact opposite of him. Rush Hour doesn't fall into that category, but you had a fast-talking, quick-witter Chris Tucker for him to play off of. In this movie, the Chris Tucker/Owen Wilson role is filled by Johnny Knoxville. Yes, the same Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. And, now that I think about it, I can see the similarities between the two. That might be a blasphemous comparison to some, but both guys have pretty much put their bodies on the line for their specific style of film. Knoxville may have done it in a setting where it's just a bunch of dudes hurting themselves for the audience's amusement, but he's still risking his body. Chan obviously risked his body in films that had some semblance of narrative, so you can't really truly say that they do the same thing for the same reasons. But the similarities are obviously there. And, honestly, Johnny and Jackie make a surprisingly solid pairing. Johnny Knoxville, once you overlook that Jackass made him famous, isn't a bad actor in the slightest. I'm not saying that he's the next Daniel Day-Lewis, but he's good as the annoying sidekick. And since this is the role he plays here, he does a pretty good job and he obviously has chemistry with Jackie. The problem is, though, that the story that's around them is literally nothing to write home about with a twist/reveal that you can see coming from one million light years away. Particularly if you even know the absolute basic of Hong Kong cinema. The story, as far as I'm concerned, is just there to get Johnny and Jackie next to their bit of buddy film stereotypes where they banter. As I mentioned, Johnny and Jackie do have some chemistry, but I do not believe the movie exploits that as well as it could, because the material they have doesn't really allow them to do much. The jokes are tired, the action is a bit bland and the editing is an absolute mess. And, as I mentioned, the narrative is not particularly essential to the actual film. And there's some downright cringe-worthy scenes. Like Jackie and the entire Mongolian village breaking into a cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. It's such a bad scene and it literally makes no sense regardless of whatever context you try to look at it in. It doesn't serve the movie in any way. You could say that it helps to show Connor (Knoxville) a different side to Benny (Chan), who's always portrayed as super serious. And even then, why would the entire Mongolian village join in? That's the part that gets me and the part that makes the scene so bad. It is what it is, but it's not a particularly effective scene. I don't wanna say this movie had potential, because it really didn't, but this should have been better than it actually was. It was watchable enough with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville having some good chemistry, but that's all they relied on. The story is lame, the action isn't memorable and the editing is awful. You need more than just chemistry between your leads to tell a good story and this movie didn't have that. It's a slightly below average movie that I didn't hate, but I wish would have been better than it actually was. Then again I guess you could say that for every movie I don't like. Not recommended, but you can do worse.

Kristin B (kr) wrote: I stumbled upon this moving playing on basic cable, and found myself hanging on every word. Want to hear a story of an underdog, not cool at all guy who accidentally ends up best friends with every rock star and movie star in Hollywood (think Almost Famous times infinity). Taking in friends who have breakdowns, adopting children of deceased ex girlfriends and being the greatest guy ever, you cant even be jealous, you just want him to tell you more. Oh, and did I mention its a documentary, and its all a true story?

Liam M (jp) wrote: 9.0/10A great achievement in 2-D animation. Doom had my interest the entire time. The voice acting was stunning and DC continues its dominance over the cartoon industry. Doom is a near perfect movie.

Josh B (us) wrote: Gave it a 5 because i'm a true fan of movies with twists...and it really delivered, even the choice of songs throughout the movie. Devil in his Heart by The Donays is the only song in my opinion that could have been played at the parts it was played at, perfect song choice...perfect minor story...perfect twist...

Miguel (jp) wrote: Un llamado al despetar humano, para identificar como el gobierno y la religin esclavizan y dominan al mundo.

The Movie G (it) wrote: Not as good as the first, but is good enough to be a success.

Marcin W (nl) wrote: one of my all-time-favourites.

CJ C (jp) wrote: I only watched it because Michael Rosenbaum is a cutie (and he looks sexy in a skirt lol.)

Filipe C (de) wrote: Relevant then. Even more so now. This just goes to show how aware people were of the broken political system in the '90s and how little (meaning nothing) was done to fix it in the following 18 years... and counting. There seems to be a lot of issues with Beatty's approach. It's intended to be a black comedy. The awkwardness of Beatty rapping and integrating himself in the black culture only strengthens the satire.

Bill B (gb) wrote: This one is still a mess on the re-watch, but I actually got a few laughs out of it, even when it feels like Doug Bradley is doing his best Freddy Krueger laugh each time Pinhead starts blowing up shit and generally causing chaos.The casual mention about the Cenobites in this one being 'homemade, a shadow of his former companions' or something to that effect goes a long way towards making the corny nature of the villains seem less offensive.It's worth another look, but it won't ever be as good as the previous films.Give it a rental.

Neil M (ru) wrote: One of my favorite cult films ever!

Kim B (br) wrote: The first half, showcasing the essence of Rogers character is excellent. The rest is pretty good

Eko W (br) wrote: Baru selesai nonton ini bareng anak2 dan uminya: pada tegang dari awal sampai akhir. Haha. Sukses besar ini! :vRecommended nonton ini bareng keluarga.