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Matthew C (us) wrote: This movie was fantastic!! It's not a $200 million Hollywood spectacle, which is a good thing! This movie may have some cliches and trappings but it is a rare movie that makes you care about the characters, root for them, and feel their happiness and pain. I'm torn by the last 20 minutes of the's NOT the direction I thought it would go in but it really tears your heart out. It made me cry like a little girl and that made me love the movie THAT much more! For any Gay or Gay friendly person this movie is definitely worth the watch...and for those homophobes that aren't totally lost, this movie will help you understand that we truly are NO different than you and how powerful your hatred can devastating and deadly it can be for some.

Thanasis A (us) wrote: a beautiful WTF...the next Sans soleil?

Joni G (it) wrote: Boo! Just terrible. My kid makes better movies with his friends for highschool film class with a zero budget. What a waste of everyone's time all around.

Blake P (ca) wrote: Though "Shadows and Fog" is far from my favorite Woody Allen film, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Max (Allen) is a fraidy-cat lawyer who is woken up by a band of his neighbors, and they want him to help them nab a serial strangler on the loose. When he gets dressed, they leave, and he wanders the streets by himself. He then runs into a sword-swallower (Farrow), a hooker (Foster), and the killer himself. But when the doctor he visited earlier in the night winds up dead, the lynch mob goes out to get him. For a great Woody Allen film, see "Hannah and Her Sisters". For a good Allen movie, see "Shadows and Fog". Yes, this isn't Allen's best film, but it is truly a lot of fun anyways. "Shadows and Fog" is truly a black comedy and Woody really does his best to really make the genre come alive. He blends German expressionist style of filming (black and white), and at the same time presents a "Jack the Ripper" feeling throughout the movie. Though truly this is more of a comedy, don't expect to laugh that much. The jokes often fall flat, but the actors who present them still are very good. You get some fun appearances from Madonna, Lily Tomlin, Jodie Foster, Fred Gwynne (from "The Munsters"), Kathy Bates (as a hooker, can you imagine that?), and even John Malkovich, plus the team of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow make their last film together. I can't really decide whether this movie is all that great or not. Oh, well, I liked it. "Shadows and Fog" is really filled with well ... shadows and fog.

Cindy B (es) wrote: Love this quaint film, though some do not appreciate the story.

John B (es) wrote: Tyrone Power and Marlene Dietrich are thoroughly entertaining in this romp through Agatha Christie's work. A lesson to be learned for more modern court room dramas.

Robert P (mx) wrote: Some achievement to set a piece on corruption and injustice among the unlikely world of apple-trafficking (no that isn't slang for something more sinister, I really mean apples, specifically Golden Delicious). A testament to heartfelt film making with a story and a message. A people's film told from the right side of the tracks

Stephen G (jp) wrote: This is a masterpiece with the best work from Robert Town, Roman Polanski and the lead actors Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. Everything in this film was thought out flawlessly and Polanski guides the atmosphere in this film brilliantly. Jack Nicholson delivers every scene in high gear and Faye Dunaway's performance seems better with each viewing. This film covers is easily one of the best films I have ever seen and an absolute must see for any aspiring actors, screenwriters, or directors.

Mo B (br) wrote: Rating: 96%With memorable punch lines, great acting, and a tense and thrilling script, Die Hard deserves its reputation as one of the greatest action movies ever made.

Emil P (kr) wrote: You want a weird B-movie? Look no further.