Secretos compartidos

Secretos compartidos

Thriller, Crime

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Lynn P (nl) wrote: An odd movie ( not in a good way) boring.

Shawn C (br) wrote: good movie. funny without being buffoonish

Matt W (us) wrote: Sammo Hung directs and stars in this 1986 hong kong remake of the dirty dozen transposed to vietnam. this is sort of a mix between heroic bloodshed, war and martial arts. it features lots of war movie cliches, has the bodycount and horrifying sentimentality of a john woo picture and features legends sammo and yuen biao in some truly memorable fight sequences and stunts. this movie suffers from a bizarre attempt to mix some truly shocking violence with light comedy, but it's all worth the countless flaws when the final showdowns occur. fatty sammo is on fire, and biao supports as effectively as ever, and the two final fights occuring simultaneously are awesome. well worth watching if you like this sort of thing.

Jeremy N (ag) wrote: The Carry On team's version of the story of Dick Turpin!

Michael L (nl) wrote: im not a big chabrol guy but i do enjoy his films. this wasnt as good as the butcher or the ceremony but still pretty cool. this is sort of a colour noir french noir film; distinct from melville but still having some of his stylistic touches. there is a great shot involving eyes (if youve seen it, youll kknow what im talking about)

Ryan K (jp) wrote: An insanely violent but hilarious entertaining movie. I loved how balls to the walls it was. I had no idea what to expect but I loved it. they don't make movies like this anymore and it was so refreshing. The puppetering and effects hold up and it was really charming. An insanely fun adventure.

Leonard D (kr) wrote: Jessica Alba was never a good actress in the first place, no matter how sexy she tried to appear to butt hurt moron fan boys!

Timm S (jp) wrote: Quite Farcical. No Real Rhythm To The Story, Which Is a Book-Ended By Two Hockey Games With A Coming Of Age Flavour. All Evidently Lost Because The Trial These Boys Taken On Is Near Laughable.. For The a Record, The a Breadth Of Lake Ontario Is 60-miles or 85-kilometres...To Skate Across a This, At The Height Of Winter?? With No Supplies Or Support Team...While Not Impossible..It Lacks Major Credibility & Thus, This Film Sucks.

Michelle S (ru) wrote: This was a pretty entertaining, adorable and at times dark family movie. Great story and very original. Wish kids were more obsessed with boxtrolls and less obsessed with minions.