Sector 4

Sector 4

Action - When an elite band of private mercenaries known as Black Knight gets caught behind enemy lines in a Middle East combat zone, their only hope for survival lies with the team leader, who has escaped but vows to return. - Salman Bokhari, Steven Dell, Eric Roberts

An elite band of mercenaries is caught behind enemy lines and left for dead. When their mission leader escapes war torn Sector 4, he pledges to return, leaving "No One Left Behind." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sector 4 torrent reviews

Aidan H (jp) wrote: Funny, spectacular, amazing. All around great.

Lilian W (ca) wrote: A really good guide to those are taking their first steps into the world of DC comics

Charlie M (gb) wrote: Coming of age drama about young love. Reiner misses again with this drama better left for Lifetime.

Miguel P (mx) wrote: Aunque en el fondo nos sentimos seducidos por lo que vemos, no puedo pasar por alto lo poco verosmil que me resulta, incluso para la esttica de Woody Allen. Una pelcula para deleitarse con el juego de los afectos y el placer, pero muy superficial en la construccin de sus relaciones.

c d (ru) wrote: Un bon petit film, avec de la bonne musique du 20e sicle, et un secret.... un de ces secrets intriguants..... mais fianlement pas trs choquant. hehe

Brian W (jp) wrote: A twisted little tale, can't say much without giving away the ending, but truly a twisted story. Good characters and actors to portray them.

David K (ag) wrote: This is a low budget film that seems to be a mix of some of the larger films out there like Cube, House on Haunted Hill along with the family of Saw films. The first hour of the movie moves at a very slow pace and rapidly picks up speed until the ending which in turn is only a beginning. The movie is entertaining but seems to lack any dynamic acting to keep it afloat within the genre.

Brian K (ag) wrote: 7/25/02 - Orange County was an OK movie, but very funny at times. Jack Black was back to his hilarious self, in a smaller and crazy supporting role. The movie had lots of famous cameos. The DVD special feature interstitials were hilarious as well, especially the ones with Jack Black.

Aquiles V (ru) wrote: A surprisingly great scam movie coming from Argentina. Nice dialogue, deep characters and great chemestry between the protagonists. There was not a single boring moment and the turns on the story keep the tension going until the final twist which was fantastic in my opinion. A clever, unique and funny thriller with the touch of latin cinema.

Norman B (br) wrote: Chris Tucker in the 90's is hilarious!

Mark A (fr) wrote: Better first time round

steve f (kr) wrote: If only they could make movies like this today. Few movies will ever come close the beauty of creativity of Fast Times. Its bold and painful and in the end joyful. I laughed so hard and will never forget this movie.

Jenny Z (kr) wrote: The musical numbers are oddly and there appears to be no plot for a lot of the movie. But there are so many amazing scenes...

Senor C (kr) wrote: A bloody western (not as extreme as Peckinpah but juicy none the less) that was an absolute pleasure w/ an outstanding cast. Oliver Reed presence is domineering. He should have gotten an Oscar nomination because often it seems like he is doing so little but the camera captures a sheer essence of the man. Gene Hackman is always fantastic & here he's brilliant. He blurs the lines of good guy/ bad guy as you should be rooting for him to hunt down the man who kidnapped his wife but he's more intent in killing to save face so he doesn't have the public ridicule of having a wife who will more then likely now be carrying a bastard child. It's an interesting turn as Reed should be the villain & Hackman the hero but there is no black & white in this movie..only dark shades of grey