Sedím na konári a je mi dobre

Sedím na konári a je mi dobre


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Sedím na konári a je mi dobre torrent reviews

Ashok G (it) wrote: Superb movie, must see movie

Christopher G (jp) wrote: I can't invalidate all of the arguments made against the film, but I found it absolutely delightful and personally meaningful. There is substance there, however problematically it was teased out on screen.

bill b (es) wrote: any idea if this is worthy?

WS W (kr) wrote: A misleading marketing of "car" focusing brought along with lots of false hope, otherwise could be an okay TV-movie scale thriller.

Justin B (au) wrote: For a sequel I think it's ok it's funny in a lot of parts but sometimes it's a little dumb

Jailma O (br) wrote: tima pedida para lembrar um pouco a Queda do Muro de Berlim. Logicamente no o melhor filme do gnero, mas atende bem quanto a inteno de mostrar o que fora a transio para as pessoas "comuns" desse contexto e a dificuldade e o cotidiano de adaptao. Ao mesmo tempo, percebemos que ao contrrio do que querem nos fazer acreditar, haviam sim, pessoas que colocaram toda a sua expectativa no sucesso da Repblica socialista alem. Podendo parecer superficial a princpio, mas o filme consegue ser um bom ponto de discusso para um pblico menos exigente, alm de servir muito bem para um pblico de escola, por exemplo.

Denise A (ca) wrote: Oh, I really like this movie. A Bio Movie on Prefontaine. Jared Leto made good as the runner. Great Screen-play!

Jennifer H (nl) wrote: fddyfthbcvnfzhxrxxdgbvdasggsqwqqqqqqqqfvhndfhhcxggxyvffyhvdfggcvvvgnbbbn

Mimi A (it) wrote: i love hans christian andersen

Tibor B (gb) wrote: Lightly entertaining Hollywood romantic comedy, and one of several in the 40s interested in ideas of life after death or in a state of limbo. Amusing and not overly sentimental, with Claude Rains well cast as the wise celestial being, it is perfect for a bored sunday afternoon if you like 40s movies.

Jan D (ru) wrote: If this movie is how the new generation is to see beauty and the beast, it is not worth watching. Very predictable and very common that it is already a bore.

Matthew H (au) wrote: This honestly is a good rental movie for anyone who just want to have an enjoyable movie to pass the time on a mundane weekend.

Gome A (gb) wrote: I've noticed this film in 1996 and ever since I wanted to see it just because an amazing Vangelis soundtrack ... well it is now 2012 and I finally watched it for the first time and it was okay .... nothing spectacular but still ... okay