Seduction of Evil

Seduction of Evil


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Seduction of Evil torrent reviews

Robert H (nl) wrote: Takes the franchise in a completely different direction, but is still a pretty good sci-fi/action/horror movie.

sarah r (gb) wrote: essentially a coming of age story for 30-year olds. Story structure is loose at best....every line of dialogue makes you cringe...

Matt L (ru) wrote: I HATE HAPPY ANIMAL MOVIES!!!!

James B (ag) wrote: the synopsis makes it sounds so dumb... which is the biggest reason I'm so shocked at how much I liked it. good times with good characters = good movie.

Carolina V (jp) wrote: Me gusta este tipo de peliculas tambien...

Uriel G (nl) wrote: "Alexander" is simply the vision of a talented director on the life of one of the most influential people in history.Although sometimes Colin Farrell's performance is exaggerated, boring scenes or meaningless sequences, Alexander provides us with great battle scenes, magnificent atmosphere and a great photograph that sometimes makes it a great visual spectacle, worthy of the "peplum" that few movies do.In addition, Alexander has a deep personality and distant from the vision we have of the conqueror, who can always open debate and makes the film an interesting experience.

Joel C (mx) wrote: Umm. A Decentish film. A Bit rediculous and not entirely informative. Worth skipping out on.

vicky s (nl) wrote: i remember when i saw this movie. it's cheesey but still good.

Bruce20 W (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first two because of Ewoks, but fantastic conclusion.

Alec N (br) wrote: I wish I was as cool as Lee Marvin.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Should have been better, I love when A & C meet monsters, but this is probably one of the lesser of their monster films.

TheScarlatescu R (jp) wrote: amazing animation even by today's standards

Kia D (us) wrote: I know this movie is going to be so good !!!!!!!

omar a (mx) wrote: meh ???, Edward G Robinson is the only bright spot in this snoozefest ??